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Burlington Police Department improves city safety, one push-up at a time

You won't find Burlington police officers eating donuts. Especially when, in two years, they will have to pass a mandatory fitness test to keep their jobs. "We're gonna make sure that police officers are professional not only in their investigations but also professional when it comes to having to use their bodies to do their jobs," the department's training officer Graham Sappington said. BPD offers a gym facility in house, a free membership to the YMCA, a nutrition guide and peer mentor opportunities to improve health and fitness. To pass the test, officers have to run 200 yards, run through a fifty pound door, do 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups, drag two people from cars to safety and remember street names throughout the test. Officer Sappington says right now, not everyone on the force can pass the test, but in two years when the test is mandatory, they will be. [div class="aligncenter"][/div]

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A New Way to Light Up

From an early age, people are taught that smoking cigarettes can lead to many health issues. "Cigarettes are bad for you, straight up.

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Networking the Right Way Over Email

With the digital age dominating the way college students stay in touch, effective networking over email becomes increasingly important. When reaching out to potential employers, whether as a follow up or a first-time contact, there are a few essential parameters to keep in mind. First, start your email off strong with a subject line that will grab the recipient's attention.

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Future expansion of Downtown Elon possible

This week town leaders had three meetings with Elon residents to discuss bringing some changes to the downtown area. Town leaders asked residents how they would feel about expanding downtown, southwest of Campus Technology and Local Yogurt. Members of the Board of Aldermen and others met with local business owners and property owners asking how they would change downtown Elon. In order to make any changes the town would have to buy and level student houses, town houses, and anything else sitting on the eight blocks of land they want to add to downtown Elon. The groups discussed possibly adding shops, restaurants and even a pharmacy.

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Obamacare and students: what you should know

On Tuesday, one of the biggest bills of this generation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will take effect. The bill, also called Obamacare, is meant to be the Obama administration's answer to the issue of healthcare accessibility. On Oct.

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SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 27

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, a bill to “clarify and expand communication to students, faculty, and staff about acts of hate on campus” passed in a 36-5-2 vote. The bill was presented as a response to a recent bias incident in which Jewish student and a black student found a swastika, the letters “KKK” and male genitalia drawn on a whiteboard outside their dorm in Colonnades D.

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Kenyan Safari Acrobats at Elon

Elon's Center for the Arts welcomed the Kenyan Safari Acrobats on Sept. 24 to perform their routine of breathtaking stunts, comedy, and audience participation set to the heart-pounding music of the Kenyan Safari.

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Remembering Elon Student Michelle Pfleger

You may remember her as a freshman student in Fall 2010. She would be graduating with this year's Class of 2014, but Michelle Pfleger experienced only about a month of her freshman year before she died on Sept.

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SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 19

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, Matthew Antonio Bosch, the new director of Elon’s LGBTQ center, addressed the Senate about promoting awareness and education about LGBTQIA issues.