NEWS 9/11/12 11:33pm

Remembering 9/11

Today marks the 11th Anniversary of the attack on New York City's World Trade Center. "I didn't know what happened, no one else knew what happened.

NEWS 9/11/12 11:53am

Students, faculty adjust to Moodle’s new features

This year’s course management system—the tool used by professors and students for classwork and announcements—has changed from Blackboard to Moodle. Faculty members began familiarizing themselves with the new platform as early as fall 2011. “Overall, the experience has been positive,” said Chris Fulkerson, assistant vice president for technology.

NEWS 9/6/12 11:09pm

SGA Recap - Sept. 6, 2012

At the first SGA meeting this semester, Dean Patterson gave an overview of the Alcohol Law Enforcement agency and its responsibilities, reminding students that the agency does periodic checks throughout the year to enforce laws regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol. Executive President Darien Flowers then swore in the freshmen class SGA members, who assumed their positions last night after first-year election results were announced. Following a brief introduction of the new members, Flowers addressed the controversy surrounding Chick-fil-a and its presence on campus, which will be discussed further at future meetings, he said. “We’ve been approached by students with some legislation regarding this issue,” he said.

NEWS 9/6/12 5:31pm

DNC: Joel Stein

ELN interviewed Time columnist Joel Stein about his time at the DNC. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/6/12 4:53pm

DNC: Ed Gordon

Ed Gordon of BET's "Weekly with Ed Gordon" on why it is important for college students to vote. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/5/12 6:46pm

Protesters With Opposite Views Find Common Ground

A faith-based protest got heated outside of the Charlotte Convention Center Wednesday morning, when a demonstrator accused America of moving away from God. "The Democratic National Convention has come to the conclusion that they don't need God anymore," said Reverand Flip Benham, bellowing into the megaphone at the Operation Save America demonstration. Other protesters holding signs that condemn abortion, homosexuality and other Biblical sins supported Benham, the director of Operation Save America.

NEWS 9/5/12 11:52am

DNC: Julian Castro

DNC keynote speaker Julian Castro on why young people should vote in the upcoming election. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/3/12 11:24pm

DNC: Young Delegates

Nicole Chadwick caught up with one of the youngest delegates at the DNC: 22-year-old David de la Fuente. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]