NEWS 1/16/13 10:48pm

Inaugural Parade Floats

Floats are the main attraction at many parades but at Saturday's Gubernatorial Inaugural Parade, one of the floats promoted a local industry. With more than 70 floats taking part in the parade it was hard to stand out, but ELN found one that made parade goers re-think how they buy their food. Joe Sanderson, the Assistant Director of Marketing for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture said, "The cart is one of a few that are available.

NEWS 1/16/13 4:46pm

Fiscal Cliff Affects Elon

As 2012 came to a close, Congress and the White House were able to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff", that would have caused more than a five-hundred-thousand dollar tax increase and across-the-board spending cuts. Though they were able to avoid the fiscal cliff, the nation will still be affected.

NEWS 1/15/13 5:23pm

Greyhound Friends

Families across America are adopting dogs, but the one species that is often overlooked is the greyhound.

NEWS 1/15/13 5:01pm

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Making snowflakes is an activity children do every year, but on Saturday, January 5th the children in Graham were designing snowflakes for a cause. "We're going to send them to the kids in Connecticut to the Sandy Hook Elementary School," explained nine-year-old Delilah Bose. In response to the Connecticut PTA's nationwide call for the victims of Sandy Hook, Susan Holland organized this event. "The children should walk into a winter wonderland," Holland vividly explained, "the idea that each snowflake is different from one another, there are no two alike.

NEWS 1/15/13 4:54pm

Executive Mansion Tours

On Saturday afternoon, crowds of people lined the streets of Raleigh as they awaited a glimpse into Governor McCrory's new home.

NEWS 1/14/13 10:01pm

Inaugural Parade Celebrates Past and Present

Crowds gathered in Raleigh Saturday morning to welcome the man they elected into office. In his speech, Governor McCrory shared his high hopes for the next four years. McCrory said, "Working together, we can make North Carolina the place of unlimited opportunity: a place where anyone who studies hard, works hard and lives a life with high values, can fulfill and even exceed their potential." After the speech, the crowd gathered along the parade route to get a glimpse of the new governor.

NEWS 1/14/13 7:51pm

Safe Surrender

This past weekend, Greensboro officials partnered up with community leaders to help with gun control right here in the Triad. Handguns, shotguns, rifles and ammunition were all collected at Saint Matthew's United Methodist Church, Bessemer United Methodist Church and Christ Wesleyan Church on Friday and Saturday.

NEWS 1/13/13 8:52pm

Inaugural Celebration ties up a week of festivities

Pat McCrory and guests gathered at the Raleigh Convention Center on Saturday for a final celebration to end a week of inaugural events. The night had a "Nothing Could Be Finer" theme, featuring music, food and decorations that come from the area. The walls of the main ballroom were adorned with scenes from various regions of North Carolina, including the coast and mountain regions. The menu consisted of samples of pork barbeque, fried green tomatoes, and Cheerwine cupcakes. While many public and political figures were in attendance, there were some younger groups joining in the fun as well. Eighth grader Dillon Wingo was at the Convention Center with a friend and said she wanted to "eat food, listen to music and just celebrate." Another guest, Chip Neff, contributed to McCrory's campaign and said it was important to expose younger generations to the political process early. "I thought there would be nothing better than to bring my fourteen year-old daughter and one of her friends to see what promises are being made and when they reach my age, they get a chance to see whether or not they've been delivered on," Neff said. Even the newly elected governor himself believed in the power of the young. "One of my goals is to get young people involved in the political process.

NEWS 1/9/13 9:08am

Airsoft Galore

Elon University technician Wayne Thompson is the co-owner of the new store, Airsoft R Us, a local business that caters to Airsoft players.

NEWS 1/7/13 11:15pm

Holly's Holidays

Fears of falling off the fiscal cliff were expected to hurt holiday sales. But locally, that was not the case. The management at Holly Hill Mall in Burlington says that sales were better this holiday season than in recent years. Samantha Story, a sales associate at Fashion Express in Holly Hill Mall says she was very surprised by the holiday turn out. "They were super busy all the time, like the entire store was filled with people," Story said. The same was true at other stores. Levarrick Enoch, Manager of the Burlington Brands, said his store had a great holiday season. "This year we really ran through those numbers, almost doubled the numbers to be honest with you, so the parking lot was full every night," Enoch said. Holly Hill Mall management says the success is due to many new stores brought to the mall by new ownership.

NEWS 1/7/13 12:09pm

Spring Convocation for Honors Speakers

Elon Local News has learned that along with founder and Executive Director of Interfaith Youth Core Eboo Patel, several other notable religious and spiritual figures will be attending the Convocation for Honors on April 30. Along with starting the interfaith movement in Chicago, Eboo Patel also wrote the book, Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim.

NEWS 12/21/12 1:27pm

DOJ files civil rights suit against Alamance County Sheriff

The United States Department of Justice filed a civil rights lawsuit against Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson Thursday, after he was faced with allegations of racial profiling and discrimination. The lawsuit claims that Johnson has violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and Section 14141 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which guard against unreasonable search and seizure and guarantee due process. The DOJ has investigated the Sheriff's Office since 2009, and on Sept.

NEWS 12/6/12 3:17pm

No-Contact Order Filed Against Alexis Gray

Elon Local News worked with The Pendulum to obtain a no-contact order for stalking or nonconsensual sexual conduct filed against Alexis Gray on December 3. Gray, the 18-year-old who Elon administrators say arrived armed on campus on November 25, is the ex-girlfriend of current Elon student, Greg Seelagy.