NEWS 4/9/13 10:24pm

Dozens at Elon event affected by gastrointestinal illness

At least 44 people associated with an on-campus event at Elon University have reported symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, according to an email sent by Dr. Ginette Archinal, University Physician and Dr. Jana Lynn Patterson, Assistant Vice President for Student Life. Elon University, the Alamance County Health Department and the N.C.

NEWS 3/12/13 11:04pm

Former Elon student dies at Alamance Regional Medical Center

Melanie Manley, a former Elon University student, passed away yesterday at Alamance Regional Medical Center. Manley was most recently enrolled at Elon in the fall, and she suffered from frequent medical problems during her time as a student, according to an email sent by Smith Jackson, vice president and dean of Student Life. According to the email, she wanted to return to her studies this summer.

NEWS 2/20/13 7:50pm

SGA Election Results

Executive Results: President: Welsford Bishopric Vice President: Joeseph Incorvia Treasurer: Richmond Rosati Secretary: Runoff between Sarah Paille-Jansa and Lauren Reiman Senior Class Results President: Connor O’Donnell Junior Class Results: Vice President: Alexandra Shahade Senator: Jennifer Lauterbach Yashvi Patel Sophomore Class Results: President: Alexandre Bohannon Vice President: Ruth Robinson Secretary: Natasha Schettini Senator: Margot Shoemaker Conor Janda Council Members Hunter Phillips Ashley Gherlone Caroline Forsey Samantha Murray Jennifer McRobert Pamela Gutermuth

NEWS 2/14/13 1:20pm

Gunpoint Robbery Follow-Up

The Elon Town Police have requested help from the NC State Bureau of Investigation with their investigation into the February 1st gunpoint robbery of an Elon student. They are still looking for three men who they believe are responsible, and recently released footage of a man connected to the crime.

NEWS 2/12/13 11:16am

Dual Degree Program

Although many Elon students choose to graduate early, one unique Elon program is designed for students to obtain their bachelor's degrees in only three years. The dual-degree engineering program allows students to receive their undergraduate degrees in three years and then go onto graduate school for engineering at a different university and receive their master's degrees in two years. Elon has a partnership with six universities that have distinguished engineering schools like North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, and Columbia University.

NEWS 1/21/13 8:27pm

Flu Season at Elon

Flu season has hit Elon and the flu is spreading fast. The flu can spread by physical contact with everyday objects. "The sort of viruses we're talking about with the flu spread by what we call droplet spread," said University Physician Dr. Ginette Archinal. The keyboard you typed on or the lever you turned to grab a paper towel could be contaminated with flu virus. "When you do touch those things you touch your nose, you push your hair back you chew your fingernails you are spreading those droplets to yourself," said Dr. Archinal. There are some easy ways to prevent the flu.