NEWS 9/18/13 10:29am

Elon battles spider problem

Whether you're a student living on or off-campus, you may have noticed more creepy-crawlies around your house than in years past. Many students are saying that spiders are roaming students' homes in greater numbers than last year, and in some cases, they're bigger than before. Large spider webs seem to be common in the fall on Elon's trees. "I'm not really scared of spiders," Senior Tucker Bolding said.

NEWS 9/17/13 11:22pm

Theater Master Class Takes the Stage

It's the one performance at Elon where the audience is part of the show: Improv. Yeager Recital Hall hosted the 2013 Improv Olympics Saturday night, which is a master class in Elon's theater department.

NEWS 9/17/13 7:20pm

Health Center Gets Facelift

This year, Elon's population expanded to 5,357 students. With the growth in student enrollment, comes a growth in campus infrastructure, according to U.S.

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Elon Community Reacts To Slurs

Campus is reacting to our report that two roommates woke up to hate language on Sunday morning. The two women, one Jewish and one African-American, claim they found drawings of 'KKK' and a swastika on the whiteboard of their suite. Chaplain Jan Fuller condemned the incident in a message to the Elon community that was posted on the Religious Center's website. "This is an unprecedented act of anti-Semitism for our campus, accompanied by all-too-familiar acts of racism," Fuller said.

NEWS 9/16/13 10:34pm

Military officials face sentencing as victims are remembered at ESMA trials

BUENOS AIRES — Officials from Argentina’s past military regime face sentencing this week for crimes against humanity under the Escuela de Mecanica de la Armada (ESMA) trial. In 1976, a military junta, or military run government, seized power in Argentina and for the next seven years carried out the National Reorganization Process, a period of state terrorism against left-wing guerrillas, political activists and anyone believed to be associated with socialism.

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Alaskan Student Adjusts to Life at Elon

"I've lived there since I was four, so about 14 years. I lived in Washington for about a year, but I was born in the Philippines," Elon freshman Marella Gungbob said. Marella Gungob is a

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New Requirement for Communications Fellows Program

As of next year, Freshman fellows will be required to finish one publishable research project by the end of their first year. The change was put in place due to historically low numbers of communications students doing research during their four years at Elon. "It's something that I came up with.

NEWS 9/12/13 10:16pm

Elon Alumni Win Sprite Film Competition

Elon Alumni Dean Coots and Michael Tahan won both the fan vote and the Judge's Award for their 60 second film, "Break the Night." The short film features break-dancers, music, and lots of paint. Coots won $30,000 for directing the film, and the School of Communications received $5,000. "I really wasn't expecting to win both.

NEWS 9/12/13 7:55pm

Freshman Class Election Results

The Student Government Association held freshman class elections Sept. 9-10. The results are as follows: Freddy Suppes - President Kyle Porro - Vice President Shelby Allen - Secretary Prateek Patel - Treasurer Kenneth Obi - Senator Elyse Ruppert - Senator Mark McGann - Senator

NEWS 9/12/13 5:48pm

More Than 700 Bricks Stolen on Campus

It's only been three weeks into the fall semester, and already more than 700 bricks went missing from the pathways and sidewalks on Elon's campus. Some call it an innocent tradition, but others, a criminal offense. Danieley Center Resident Assistant Kelle-Anne Gecawich isn't a fan of the tradition. "One of reasons why I hate it when bricks are being stolen, is the fact that when they are found, we have to carry them," Gecawich said. Upperclassmen share their views on the tradition as well. Senior Village resident Ben Perron chooses not to steal bricks because it goes against what he considers moral. Perron referenced the Bible, concerning especially the teachings of Jesus Christ. Senior Jimmy Stevenson chooses not to steal them because of the dangers that loose and missing bricks can cause when riding bicycles or skateboards. "If you go over ground where missing bricks are, you can face plant," Stevenson said. Stevenson then made reference to unfortunate personal experiences the tradition has caused him. Elon Campus Safety and Police are penalizing offenders with fines, and second time offenders can receive misdemeanor charges.

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Escalating crisis in Syria evokes discussion of legal, moral responsibilities

A panel of experts came together Sept. 11 at Elon University to discuss the alleged use of chemicals weapons ordered by Syrian President Bashar Assad and what the United States, and the world, should do about the ongoing conflict there. Haya Ajjan, a native Syrian on the "Crisis in Syria: Prospects and Perspectives" panel said she lived in fear all her life in Syria.