NEWS 9/3/14 12:06am

Elon student starts business of polishing professional profiles

Elon sets a precedent on the importance of networking through social media. Elon sophomore Sophie Pearson and her cousin Nathalie Ford have made a business designed to help students improve their professional presence on social media sites. "She's more of the technical brained computer nerd and I am more of the creative social media wizard type of person, and we come together and make the perfect team," Pearson said. Pearson and cousin Nathalie Ford started a new business this summer called LinkedIn Experts. "Our services right now are brush ups and touch ups, like if you just want us to take a look at it and see what we can help you fix or improve on your profile, we can help make the whole thing," Pearson said. They have been working on their business plan for about three months and hope to start getting the word out in the next week.

NEWS 9/1/14 8:38pm

Alive After Five brings new faces into the Town of Elon

While thousands of Elon students associate the end of summer with the return to school, many local residents enjoyed the inevitable last few days at the final Alive After Five concert series performance on August 28. Alive After Five is a community event that allows people to come to downtown Elon and enjoy food, beverages, and free entertainment.

NEWS 9/1/14 2:08pm

Local police crack down on texting and driving problem

See the story that aired on Elon Local News here. "Don't text and drive." It's a warning you've probably heard before. However, in North Carolina the actual law makes things a little dicy. Enacted in December 2009, the texting and driving law says you may not manually enter multiple letters or text in the device as a means of communication, or read any electronic mail or text messages while driving. Town of Elon police chief Cliff Parker says what you can do while driving makes it hard for officers to enforce what you can't. "The way the law was written it's not an easy thing to enforce," Parker said. According to records provided to ELN by local law enforcement agencies, the Town of Elon has given five citations for texting and driving.

NEWS 8/31/14 7:43am

Duke trumps Elon in Skrosky debut

The Rich Skrosky era opened in disappointment for Elon as Duke dominated the Phoenix in a 52-13 blowout. "They're a more talented football team than we are, there's no question about it," Elon's head football coach said.

SPORTS 8/28/14 1:07pm

Elon releases CAA basketball schedule

Today Elon University released the men's basketball Colonial Athletic Association schedule for the 2014-2015 season. This marks Elon's first year in the CAA, which is widely regarded as one of the top mid-major conferences in college basketball.

NEWS 8/26/14 11:15pm

Elon upgrades phoenix cards

For sophomores and upper classmen, phoenix cards are about to get an upgrade, and yes, students may get their pictures retaken. The university is moving to contactless, nonswipe cards, which first year students have already received.

NEWS 8/26/14 1:53pm

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" campaign comes to Elon

By: Meredith Stutz and Gary Grumbach "Hands up, Don't shoot." That's the message that members of Elon's chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated hoped to spread during Tuesday morning's College Coffee to shed light on the events happening in Ferguson, Mo.

NEWS 8/24/14 8:54pm

Thrill of the chill, Elon takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As summer comes to a close, one of the biggest trends of the season, the "Ice Bucket Challenge," continues to go viral across social media outlets. The goal served to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. According to Facebook, more than 2.5 million "Ice Bucket Challenge" videos have been posted on the social media site, in addition to more than 28 million similar posts. Elon junior Carrie Hartsfield lost her aunt, Joan Gluck, to ALS in 2003 and recalls her aunt's everyday struggles as she battled the illness. "It got to the point that she was standing in line and someone cut in front of her, but she couldn't even pick up her feet to move," Hartsfield said. Several years after Gluck's passing, Hartsfield conducted research on Lou Gehrig's disease as part of a high school project where she learned more about this particular disease. "I got the jist of it when I was eight, but I really didn't understand the biology behind it and how it was contracted," Hartsfield said.

NEWS 8/23/14 11:56am

Under the Oaks: Class of 2018 Meets for Convocation

Multimedia Coverage by Ryan Greene, Al Drago, Lauren Cook and Patterson Huggins "How are you going to use those 1,400 days?" President Leo Lambert posed this question to the class of 2018, the 128th graduating class of Elon, this morning under the oaks for New Student Convocation.

NEWS 8/22/14 10:46am

A Day in Pictures: Best of #ElonMoveIn

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="9002,9001,9000,8999,8998,8994,8991,8992,8976,8996,9018,9046,9045,9044,9043,9042,9041,9040,9039,9038,9037,9036,9035,9034"] See Chief Photographer Al Drago and Reporter Jacob LaPlante's photos from Move-in day.