SPORTS 11/8/14 11:01pm

Northeastern knocks Elon out of CAA playoffs

Coming off of Rudd Field following Elon's 2-0 defeat by Northeastern, Jason Waterman felt only one emotion: anger. Not sadness, not regret, but anger at the way he and his team played, as the Phoenix missed opportunity after opportunity and bowed out of the Colonial Athletic Association playoffs in the quarterfinal round. "There's nothing else to it, I'm pissed," Waterman said.

NEWS 11/3/14 9:35pm

Elon officer bridges age gap between police force and students

At quick glance, you might mistake her for a student; two years ago officer Hannah DeAngelo was one. "I can relate to these students' college life, the workload,trying find a job when you get out,extracurriculars,just the day in and day out of college life" DeAngelo said. During her senior year at UNC Greensboro, DeAngelo interned with the Town of Elon Police Department, where she worked closely with university police.

NEWS 11/3/14 12:16am

Clinton Speaks at Raleigh in Support of Kay Hagan

Former President Bill Clinton spoke in favor of Kay Hagan, Friday at a rally held in a high school gym in Raleigh. The former president spoke to a crowd of more than 1,200 people highlighting issues concerning voting rights, equal pay for women and political campaigns increased spending amounts. "Here we are in the most expensive Senate race in the country, where you are being invited to tell yourselves and to tell the rest of America whether you're going back to being the state of the future -- where we work together and grow together," Clinton told the crowd. Clinton cites one of the largest problems in the nation to be its state of "political dysfunction" and criticized Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis for his contributions to the issue. "Kay Hagan wants to grow together and work together," Clinton said of Hagan.

NEWS 10/27/14 1:08am

Public transportation is coming to Alamance County

Burlington and Gibsonville are partnering up to bring a public transportation system to Alamance County. Although the Elon Board of Aldermen voted against the Burlington public transportation proposal earlier this month, the new plans will still affect many in the community. "There are places that are just too far to walk," said Alamance County resident Nathan Wood.

NEWS 10/25/14 10:12pm

Hillary Clinton, Alma Adams campaign for Hagan

Marcela Hawkins and Ashley Bohle "North Carolina is not for sale." Voters chanted this phrase Saturday at the Kay Hagan rally in the Charlotte Convention Center. With Election Day just 10 days away and early voting already underway, NC incumbent Senator Kay Hagan and supporters (former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and NC Congresswoman Alma Adams) addressed the crowd about the importance of being politically active. Adams, who was first to speak, encouraged voters to bring their families and friends to the polls.

NEWS 10/25/14 10:01am

Gov. Perry, McCrory and Sen. Burr rally for Tillis

Rajat Agarwal and Andrew Feather Fire Kay Hagan and fire Harry Reid. That was the main message from Thom Tillis at the Conservative Rally Friday night in in Smithfield, North Carolina. From Governor Rick Perry of Texas to North Carolina senior senator Richard Burr, conservatives came out to support the Republican Senate candidate as he aims to defeat Democratic Incumbent Hagan in the upcoming midterm elections. "Welcome to the Harry Reid retirement party," Burr said to the crowd of more than 3,000 people at the Central Marketing Tobacco Warehouse.

NEWS 10/15/14 7:29pm

Construction motion passed, to take away Oaks parking

After hearing arguments last week, the Town of Elon Board of Aldermen passed a motion permitting construction on the area of land next to Skid's Restaurant, taking 30 parking spaces away from the Oaks Neighborhood lot in the process. The land is currently owned by Elon University, and the construction will take away 30 parking spaces from the Oaks Neighborhood parking lot.

NEWS 10/13/14 10:01am

Students walk to end victim blaming

Elon students gathered at Speakers Corner for the Walk Against Victim Blaming on Friday, Oct. 3. The event was put on by EFFECTS, Elon Feminists for Equality, Change and Transformation, as part of a week long event called Survivors Week. The event calls attention to the fact that every one and five female students experience rape, according to the White House.