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SGA Senate Recap: Nov. 21

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, two special allocations and an amendment to the elections procedures packet passed in the Senate. Senior Natalie Cuzmenco, Young Americans for Liberty president, requested $2,000 for the organization to bring S.E.

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The Wheelmobile makes a visit to Burlington

Many Elon students took their luck for a spin on Saturday, Nov. 26, at Alamance Crossing. For the first time ever, the Wheelmobile stopped in Burlington in search on contestants for the Wheel of Fortune. Hundreds of local hopefuls turned out for the event, some traveling from different states and counties.

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Campus solicitation policy still allows advertising

Elon does not have a solicitation policy for on campus mail, preventing most outside vendors from leaving flyers, coupons or other advertisements in student's mailboxes, but students still see outside advertisements in their mailboxes. It turns out there are some exceptions to this policy that are allowed by Elon's relationship with International Management Group, a sports management company that works closely with the athletic department on campus. IMG, who is responsible for stadium signs, team programs and sponsorships among many other branding outlets concerning sports, works with the community to match local businesses advertising with the students it wishes to reach. Jacob Powers, the general manager of Elon IMG, is a vital part of connecting outside vendors with the branding they're looking for. "We put together a platform, a marketing plan that would hit all of their wants," Powers said. Advertising in on campus mail boxes happens a few times a year at the beginning of a new sports season. Powers stressed the importance of spreading out ads over the course of a year. "It goes from September of football all the way to April and May and baseball season," Powers said.

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The Chicken Lady takes on homelessness

Greensboro hosted its first annual Chicken Walk this Saturday. Amy Murphy organized the event, and says that working with people without homes is nearest to her heart. "They are my friends.

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SGA Senate Recap: Nov. 14

At Thursday night's SGA Senate meeting, a resolution to express sympathy for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and allocate funds toward disaster relief efforts passed in a unanimous vote. The resolution authorized the executive treasurer to donate $500 of SGA funds to the Red Cross and called upon leaders of campus organizations to donate $5 from their organizational budgets, if possible. Before the vote, several senators questioned whether it was appropriate to use student funds to aid an area that isn't strongly connected to Elon. But Will Galleher, senior class senator, mentioned his experiencing rooming with an Elon student who was from the Philippines. "This is a great cause to stand behind," he said.

NEWS 11/12/13 6:26pm

Phillippines' Typhoon Haiyan Impacts Elon

First-year student Gaby Chiongbian has lived in the Philippines all her life but now misses home more than ever. "It really does make you feel homesick but more than anything I feel helpless," Chiongbian says. Chiongbian called home to her family on Saturday, who was near the eye of Typhoon Haiyan. "I asked them, 'What time is it?' and they said 'It's two.' I apologized, but I was so scared for them," she says.

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Stop Hunger Now

More than 250 students, alumni, and families, spent the Saturday morning of Homecoming Weekend in a gym: but they weren't playing basketball. On homecoming weekend, volunteers could have slept or tailgated, but they instead chose to feed the hungry. Forty-eight thousand.


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