NEWS 10/25/14 10:01am

Gov. Perry, McCrory and Sen. Burr rally for Tillis

Rajat Agarwal and Andrew Feather Fire Kay Hagan and fire Harry Reid. That was the main message from Thom Tillis at the Conservative Rally Friday night in in Smithfield, North Carolina. From Governor Rick Perry of Texas to North Carolina senior senator Richard Burr, conservatives came out to support the Republican Senate candidate as he aims to defeat Democratic Incumbent Hagan in the upcoming midterm elections. "Welcome to the Harry Reid retirement party," Burr said to the crowd of more than 3,000 people at the Central Marketing Tobacco Warehouse.

NEWS 10/15/14 7:29pm

Construction motion passed, to take away Oaks parking

After hearing arguments last week, the Town of Elon Board of Aldermen passed a motion permitting construction on the area of land next to Skid's Restaurant, taking 30 parking spaces away from the Oaks Neighborhood lot in the process. The land is currently owned by Elon University, and the construction will take away 30 parking spaces from the Oaks Neighborhood parking lot.

NEWS 10/13/14 10:01am

Students walk to end victim blaming

Elon students gathered at Speakers Corner for the Walk Against Victim Blaming on Friday, Oct. 3. The event was put on by EFFECTS, Elon Feminists for Equality, Change and Transformation, as part of a week long event called Survivors Week. The event calls attention to the fact that every one and five female students experience rape, according to the White House.

NEWS 10/1/14 11:25am

Oak House settles in after first month

Phil Smith and the staff of The Oak House have started to settle into their routine as the bar and coffee lounge’s opening month on campus draws to a close. The month has gone better than Smith expected, despite some of the challenges that come with running a business.

NEWS 10/1/14 11:21am

Alamance County serves up diverse flavors

Elon University students and community members explored the cuisine, arts and recreational activities Alamance County has to offer through Welcome to Your Neighborhood, an event sponsored by the Elon Community Church.

NEWS 9/23/14 3:33am

DEVoted to Recovery

Elon tailgates are packed with barbeque, corn hole and of course school spirit. But this past tailgate was a little different.

SPORTS 9/21/14 1:03am

Skrosky wins first game as Elon tops Charlotte Following a week one blowout loss to Duke and a defeat at the hands of North Carolina A&T last weekend, Elon fans found themselves getting antsy over when first-year head coach Rich Skrosky would get his first win with the Phoenix.