NEWS 5/7/14 9:39pm

Student accident reinforces pedestrian safety tips

"I thought he was stopping and I went ahead into the crosswalk, and he kept going and he just hit me," said freshman Caroline Patterson. Patterson is still recovering after getting hit by a car on May 6 while riding her bike to class.

NEWS 5/5/14 6:53pm

Elon Poll shows Tillis in lead ahead of primaries

With primaries for the Senate and House this week, the April 2014 Elon University Poll shows North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis maintaining his lead for the Republican Senate nomination with more than 60 percent of respondents now recognizing his name. In February, the Elon Poll showed that only 38 percent of voters recognized Tillis’ name.

NEWS 5/5/14 5:51pm

Elon professor dismissed after sexual messages

[youtube=] Students and professors often have close mentoring relationships, and it's not uncommon to hear about professors giving out their phone numbers.

NEWS 4/29/14 2:01pm

Threat of severe weather in North Carolina

Please see the info on the Emergency and Emergency Response Guide and Campus Wide Tornado Locations and review the following for your safety: Tornado WATCH: If a tornado “watch” is issued for your area, it means that a tornado is “possible.” (listen to eAlert System, radio, or TV for additional details) Tornado WARNING: If a tornado “warning” is issued, it means that a tornado has actually been spotted, or is strongly indicated on radar, and it is time to go to a safe shelter immediately.

NEWS 4/15/14 10:06pm

ELN covers Community Connections: Education Elon University will host its final Community Connections forum of the year this Wednesday, April 16. This program's theme is funding for public education and will be composed of Alamance County residents, faculty and students having organized dialogue on supporting local school systems. The discussion will take place in McKinnon Hall at 7 p.m.

NEWS 4/15/14 4:25pm

Beating the odds: Baseball player wins battle with cancer

[youtube=] Elon pitcher Joe McGillicuddy thought he struck out when he failed a random NCAA drug test last fall. "In my mind I was like, 'No, this is impossible,'" McGillicuddy said. McGillicuddy says he's never taken any performance enhancing drugs, but the test showed high testosterone levels and he tested positive for the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly known as HCG. "My emotions got a little rattled, I should say," McGillicuddy said.

NEWS 4/12/14 1:16pm

Holi Photo Gallery

[gallery ids="8111,8112,8113,8114,8115,8121,8116,8118,8119,8120,8122,8123,8125,8126,8127,8128,8129,8131,8130,8132,8133,8134"]

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AP's Nicole Winfield visits Elon

Nicole Winfield spoke to Elon students, faculty and community members Friday night about her experience as a Rome-based Vatican correspondent for The Associated Press. During the past 13 years as Vatican correspondent, Winfield has covered three popes - John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. Winfield, originally from New York City, says that she has the opportunity to see the Pope in a "vastly different light" than the general population does.

NEWS 3/20/14 9:13am

Incoming students visit campus for Rising Phoenix Weekend

You might have passed a new classmate any time between Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15. Elon's incoming students got their first taste of college life this past weekend at "Rising Phoenix Weekend," formerly known as Spring Orientation. The Class of 2018 came from all over the country with relatives and friends to tour the campus and prepare for their college careers. Assistant Director of Admissions, Scott Christopherson, organized the event and gave 7-minute introduction sessions before every tour. "This gives the incoming students a chance to see what it would be like to be a student on campus," Christopherson said. Students were given tours of the campus and were able to sit attend informational sessions about Elon Experiences and academics. More incoming students from the Class of 2018 will visit campus later in April for an additional Rising Phoenix Weekend event.


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