NEWS 5/6/15 5:37pm

New Security Cameras Come to Campus

The Department of Campus Safety and Police will be adding new security technology ,according to an email sent out to the student body this afternoon by Smith Jackson.

NEWS 5/5/15 4:32pm

Elon Football Player Arrested

The Alamance County Clerk of Courts says Cordell Wesley Forrest, a 19-year old Elon freshman and defensive back for the Elon University football team, was arrested and charged Monday with first-degree felony burglary. According to the incident report, police responded to a burglary call just before midnight at the Danieley O Center. Alamance County Jail says Forrest has posted his $50,000 bond. According to Elon Athletics spokesperson Chris Rash, Forrest has been "suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules." The Charlotte native redshirted during the 2014 football season and recorded two tackles in the teams' spring game just two weeks ago. Police lifted fingerprints from the scene that have been registered as evidence in the case.

NEWS 5/5/15 8:41am

Senior crosses Saxapahaw off the bucketlist

There are less than 20 days until commencement 2015, and there are many things seniors want to do before May 23rd! When tasked with completing a senior "bucket list challenge," I decided to combine two things I enjoy, good food and going to a new place. A scenic 30 minute drive from Elon will get you to the quaint town of Saxapahaw where the Eddy Restaurant and Pub is located. Getting a rooftop view of the Haw River, five of my friends joined me for great service and amazing food.

OPINIONS 4/30/15 12:19pm

Doctor's Orders: An open letter to Kanye Omari West

Doctor's Orders is a weekly satirical column in which two unprofessional, definitely fake doctors offer up prescriptions for their Phoenix patients. This past week, the Elon University Student Union Board sent out the list of potential artists for our Fall 2015 Homecoming Concert.

SPORTS 4/27/15 8:42pm

Aaron Mellette Returns to the NFL

Former Elon football player Aaron Mellette is back in the National Football League. The two-time first team FCS All-American announced Monday evening that he signed a deal with the New York Jets via Instagram. "\0x2028All I can say is how blessed I am for being afforded another chance to pursue my dream" he wrote as the caption.

NEWS 4/27/15 4:44pm

Burlington, N.C. businesses struggle to stay afloat

Fifteen minutes away from Elon's campus is a small shopping center off of North Church St. Cum Park Plaza is home to a number of businesses, but it also hosts a number of empty lots where stores and restaurants used to reside. Vaughan McCraw is the store manager of Schewel Furniture Company, one of the businesses in the plaza.

NEWS 4/24/15 11:00pm

President Lambert urges Elon community to take action against racial intolerance

University officials along with police and campus security are investigating an incident of racial intolerance that occurred Wednesday night on North O'Kelly Avenue. The incident involved an African American female student being shouted at from a passing car. In a press report released on Friday, April 24, students and members of the community were informed of this incident and asked to take action. President Leo Lambert urged Elon students and community members to take a stand regarding racial misbehavior. "Let me be as clear as possible: Our community will not tolerate acts of racism, which undermine and contradict our core values and cause fellow members of the community to feel unsafe and devalued as human beings," President Lambert wrote in his email. President Lambert is asking students and members of the community to take it upon themselves to make a change to their everyday lives and interactions. "Bias and bigotry are not unique to Elon-indeed racism seems to be part of an increasingly toxic environment in modern society" Lambert wrote. Members of the Black Student Union along with other student organizations are developing a plan aimed at attacking "the fundamental issues that are at the root of the racial incidents we have experienced." Police are asking for information that might help them in their investigation.

NEWS 4/21/15 1:47am

Elon Employees Take Advantage of Tuition Remission

According to Bill Burpitt, associate dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, about 10 percent of the Masters of Business Administration students at Elon University are employees of the university. One of the benefits Elon employees receive is free tuition to any classes offered at Elon, also known as tuition remission. Morgan Oliver, director of basketball operations for women's basketball, has been taking MBA classes for about a month.

NEWS 4/20/15 12:31am

Elon community runs 5K to raise awareness for H.O.P.E.

Over 230 Elon students, faculty and community members participated in the Run for H.O.P.E 5K on Saturday, April 18 on campus. H.O.P.E., which stands for Health Outreach Program of Elon, is a student-run pro bono clinic that provides those in Alamance County and the surrounding area with free physical therapy treatment.

NEWS 4/14/15 1:42am

Help U Store It comes to Elon, an alternative storage method for summer

Finding a place to store belongings for three months over the summer can be tough. That's why Elon junior Sean Barry co-founded Help U Store It with his three brothers. "What the idea of the company is, you are going to pack up your stuff in our boxes and we will pick it up from your dorm we'll store it for the summer in our storage facilities and then we will redeliver it to your new dorm come 3 months after the summer," Barry said. Barry and his brothers started the company four years ago in Pennsylvania and provided the service to various schools in the area.

NEWS 4/14/15 1:28am

Railroad Crossings Unsafe and Illegal

Unless you're hearing the whistle of the train as it passes through the railroad tracks running alongside Trollinger Avenue, it is easy to forget that the tracks are more than an obstacle between main campus and south campus.

NEWS 4/12/15 3:30pm

Update: Rosales' condition continues to improve

Elon first-year Gabriela Rosales' is now able to breathe without a ventilator at UNC Hospital, four weeks after getting hit by a car while walking across North Williamson in Elon. Her CaringBridge site, which her family uses to give updates on Rosales' condition, also says the tube that monitors her inter-cranial pressure has been removed. The latest post on the site, which came Sunday morning, states Rosales now opens her eyes and blinks and appears to be gaining strength by moving her arms and legs. Rosales' parents, Carmencita and Roberto, are with Rosales at UNC Hospital from Nicaragua. Elon University faculty and staff, including Associate Chaplain for Catholic Life Gerry Waterman and University Chaplain Jan Fuller have been visiting Rosales over the past few weeks. Here on campus, Rosales is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority.