NEWS 10/6/15 8:46am

Advancing to the next level

For the Elon University eSports team, setting up matches for its video games has been a hassle since its inception in 2012. “We need a place to play, so right now we rent out [McEwen 207] for practices and games,” said Elon eSports Vice President Tyler LaVecchia, a sophomore.

NEWS 10/5/15 11:31pm

Cheat Sheet: Oregon Shooting

A shooting at Umpqua Community College in southwestern Oregon Oct. 1 became the most recent and most severe of the more than 40 school shootings that have occurred in the United States in 2015.  What happened in Oregon? Christopher Harper-Mercer, 26,  opened fire around 10:30 a.m.

SPORTS 10/5/15 11:16am

Elon softball strikes out hunger in Alamance County

Most college students spend their Friday evenings going out and hanging with friends. For members of the Elon softball team, they spent their evening at Allied Churches of Alamance County handing out food to the those in need. Patrons lined up outside the Burlington shelter anxiously awaiting a dinner featuring turkey and cheese sandwiches, salad and various tasty desserts.

NEWS 10/1/15 9:34pm

Preparing for Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is expected to hit the Elon area this weekend, with the heaviest rain fall on Sunday night. According to the National Weather Service, there is a Flash Flood Watch from today, October 1 from 8:00 p.m.

NEWS 10/1/15 12:28pm

Amendment to HB 318 could keep local ID program running

A new amendment added to House Bill 318 could quell some of the concerns local law enforcement officers had regarding ID cards. As Elon Local News reported on Monday, the controversial HB 318, the Protect North Carolina Workers Act, is a bill to make stricter rules for employers that are verifying whether or not their employees can legally work in North Carolina.

NEWS 9/30/15 5:50pm

Biochemistry department bucks larger STEM trend

If college chemistry departments are typically made up of a large male majority, it doesn’t show at Elon University. Elon already has a strong female presence on campus with a roughly 60-to-40 male-to-female ratio, according to Elon Fact Book trends.

NEWS 9/30/15 8:00am

LEADSTRONG Week highlights Elon change makers

Moseley tables, workshop sessions and social media posts coming from The Center for Leadership this week have all echoed the same message: Elon University students striving for change are recognized, valued and encouraged. Their weeklong celebration of leadership — LEADSTRONG Week, an event that previously had more of a global and national focus — is turning its spotlight strictly toward Elon this year with its theme, “Change Agents of Elon.” Purpose and schedule of events Running Sept.

NEWS 9/29/15 11:59pm

House Bill 318 Update

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 29, House Bill 318 has been ratified by the N.C. General Assembly and is to be presented to Governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday morning. Short titled, Protect North Carolina Workers Act, the bill aims to make stricter rules for employers that are verifying whether or not their employees can legally work in North Carolina and also includes a section that tightens rules regarding the forms of identification that government and law enforcement officers can accept. That second part is an issue that concerns local law enforcement in Alamance County, who have recently began issuing and accepting alternative ID cards in the area.