Acorn Coffee Shop reopened at its new location on the first floor of Belk Library on Sept. 21.

The new location — in the Koenigsberger Learning Center — is a fresh start for the shop, which was previously located in downtown Elon at 116 N. Williamson Ave. 

Elon senior Sophie Lane was present at Acorn’s official opening and said she prefers the library location is better.

“I think this location is a lot more convenient. On the street over there, I think there was a lot of competition with Oak House,” Lane said.

Freshman Erika Seelaus was also present at the opening and said she likes having a coffee shop in the library.

“I love it because I do think the library is such a quiet environment and having the ability and access to get food and drinks is phenomenal,” Seelaus said. 

Although Acorn stops serving breakfast at 11 a.m., Seelius said the new location being in the heart of campus makes it a great hub for grabbing coffee in the evening. Acorn closes at 8 p.m​​.

“If you’re in the library, you can just walk downstairs and get something compared to walking at night or in the morning across the street,” Seelius said.

Along with a new location, Acorn Coffee Shop has an updated menu, according to senior Emma Mitchell. Previously, the food options were limited to sandwiches, soups, bagels and pastries, but salads are now included.

Following its closure in 2022, Mediterranean Deli will be taking over Acorn Coffee Shop’s previous location on Williamson Avenue. The deli will reopen in 2024 following a fire at its sister location in Chapel Hill.

Lane said she is excited for the return of the deli, which she said had a cultural impact on Elon’s community.

“I also liked that it was kind of a more of a cultural place than just another coffee shop,” Lane said.