Updated as of 2:14 p.m. on Sept. 22 to include the full 2023 security and fire safety report.

Elon University released the 2023 security and fire safety report that details reported crimes located on campus and within buildings owned by Elon in 2022.

According to Elon University Police Chief Joe LeMire, the university is still adding cases to the report and will officially release them next week — however, a version is available on the Campus Safety and Police reports webpage as of Sept. 22.

According to the report, there were 17 rapes reported in residential facilities — defined as dormatories and other on-campus student facilities — compared to 10 reported in 2021. There were also nine cases of fondling in residential facilities compared to the two cases reported in 2021.

Liquor law violations were down in 2022 at 192 violations, compared to 274 in 2021. Such offenses are referred to the university office of student conduct for disciplinary action in residential facilities. There were a total of 39 liquor law violation arrests made –  32 on campus and seven off campus. 

There were also 62 drug law violations referred for disciplinary action on campus and 36 total drug law arrests, including both on and off campus. The violations this year decreased by five and arrests increased by 20. 

There were eight accounts of dating violence, defined by the university as sexual or physical abuse or threats of abuse that are not covered under domestic violence. 

There was one case of aggravated assault off campus and five cases of burglary on campus. There was one weapons law arrest on campus and one for residential facilities.

There were no cases of murder, robbery or domestic violence. There were no crimes reported at Elon School of Law in Greensboro.