Greeting the first few cars filled with the class of 2027 and their parents at Schar Center, assistant director of regional alumni engagement Katie Kuczkowski ’17 said Move-In Day is her favorite of the year. 

“My absolute favorite day of the year is Move-In Day. I like it better than Homecoming, Family Weekend, and graduation. It really just feels like Christmas morning,” Kuczkowski said. “It really is the start of a new chapter for them, part of their core memories and all of that. And to be just a small part of that and to be a part of the start of their Elon experience is just so special and it is not something I take for granted.”

Elon University President Connie Book also greeted the incoming freshmen.

“It’s always exciting to welcome the new class — the class of 2027 — on its way. I actually woke up really early this morning and said a prayer for everybody’s safety as they make their way to campus,” Book said. “I will say there is always a nice energy of excitement. Think about your own college move-in day: You’re nervous but also excited about being independent for the first time, meeting new people from all over the world.”

Kuczkowski said working at Move-In Day exactly 10 years after she moved to Elon as a freshman herself in 2013 was extremely special to her. She said she loves seeing the progression from students beginning their time on campus to when she will be working with them as alumni.

“To be able to see the genesis of the Elon experience, and then seeing it throughout their four years, and then when they become alums — it feels very full circle for me,” Kuczkowski said. 

Both Kuczkowski and Book reminisced on the first time the university utilized the Schar Center for drive through move-in: a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic in fall 2020. 

“The other thing I was thinking about this morning are all the things we learned from the pandemic that have really improved the way we onramp students to the campus, the way we have new support for health and wellbeing on campus,” Book said.

Book also said freshmen should take their time to enjoy the experience of moving in.

“Just take a deep breath and you’re going to end up making great relationships and you have all the support you need here to get up and running,” Book said.


Sophie Rosenthal contributed to the reporting of this story.