Some Elon students have embraced Korean pop culture with the launch of a new K-pop dance and singing club on campus. K-DNS, short for K-pop Dancing n’ Singing, came about after a successful Winter Term "Burst the Bubble" class.

Junior MariLu Ravel and one of her friends came up with the idea to host a “Burst the Bubble” k-pop dancing and singing class their freshman year. “Burst the Bubble” classes are short programs held over Winter Term where students who have a talent or specific interest share their knowledge with their peers. After having around five students sign up the first time in 2021, Ravel decided to hold the class the next year, this time alone after her friend transferred to North Carolina State University. 

“We wanted to have a group like this and there wasn't anything like this on campus,” Ravel said. 

Her friend, who later transferred, got her interested in dancing to K-pop songs and Ravel's singing background helped form the idea of a K-pop dance and vocal cover group.

In 2022, only one student signed up, but Ravel decided to still hold the class. The one student who signed up the second year was senior Nia Griffin. Griffin was also in the class the first year and was looking for a K-pop community.

“I have been really having a good time doing it because I've never done anything like that before,” Griffin said. 

This past January, the two decided to hold the class again this time with Griffin focusing on dancing and Ravel focusing on the singing aspects of the club.

This year they received more interest with around 10 students participating. Many of the active members joined the class without prior dance experience and joined to find fellow K-pop fans and community. After a successful class and feedback from students to continue meeting, Ravel and Griffin decided to form K-DNS.

“It ended up going really really well this year, better than we could have ever anticipated, and it sort of just morphed into this organization we have now,” Ravel said. 

K-pop, or Korean pop, has gotten more popular in recent years with viral groups like BlackPink and BTS exploding on the music scene in the U.S. Griffin said BTS is the group that got her into the K-pop “world.”

Elon junior and K-DNS member Lexi Mulholland said she joined the class after seeing the “Burst the Bubble” listing and it immediately caught her interest. Mulholland said her favorite thing is getting to hang out with others with similar interests. 

“It's a great way to incorporate a shared interest we all have, we all love listening to K-pop and it's a great way to get some exercise in,” Mulholland said.

The organization is not yet an official group on campus but has submitted paperwork and is awaiting approval from Student Involvement with hopes of being approved before the end of the academic year. 

K-DNS is set to perform at Limitless, a student artistry showcase, from 9 to 11 p.m. March 31 in McKinnon Hall. 

K-DNS plans to hold auditions later this semester for the fall term and also plans on holding an end of year performance. For students who are interested in learning more about the group or auditioning for the fall semester, follow K-DNS on instagram at @kdns_nc for updates.