Elon University’s Student Government Association is hosting its annual Steven D. House Academic Opportunities Fair from 4 to 6 p.m. Feb. 16 in McKinnon Hall. 

According to senior and SGA Academic Relations Committee Chair Curran Gilster, the fair seeks to expose students to majors, minors and other academic organizations. 

“We want students to come who may not know what they want to major or minor in, and so we'll have faculty and students from different departments there that they can talk to,” Gilster said. 

The fair will include stations with professors and students across almost every academic department on campus. Gilster said the inclusion of student representatives is important when learning about what each department entails. 

“I think that peer to peer stuff is really valuable because it's sometimes a little intimidating to approach either a faculty or staff member and talk to them,” Gilster said. “For students who are interested in how that major, minor or academic program can benefit them while they're at Elon, but even more importantly, once they move into their professional career.”

Alexa Morrissey, SGA One Phoenix committee chair and class of 2025 president, said the event is held in the spring semester to give freshmen time to adjust to college and figure out what they are really interested in. 

“I think it's just great to be held in the second semester … because it solidifies more of your interests, because you might come in first semester thinking, ‘Oh, I want to do XYZ.’ But in reality, you actually want to do ABC or something like that, on those lines,” Morrissey said. “So I think second semester really is like the stepping stone for more of your future in college.”

Morrissey said that while the event is targeted toward freshmen, it will benefit all students looking for new opportunities.

“I also know a lot of sophomores and juniors who are always looking for new opportunities on campus, who maybe didn't because of COVID purposes, or just cancellations,” Morrissey said. “I think that even sophomores and juniors can have a chance to attend and see what they can do across campus.”

Students can also learn about other campus opportunities such as involvement with the Global Education Center, Media Services, Writing Center and even undergraduate research.

“They're good resources, but a student may not always know who to talk to,” Gilster said. “It's bringing the vast array of different academic offerings here at Elon into one place for students.”