Republican Julee Flood is running for North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 8 against Democrat Carolyn Thompson. 

Flood currently works as an attorney at the Court of Appeals under Judge Jeffery Carpenter, according to her website.  Additionally, she has worked under nine judges, five Republican and four Democrat, on both federal and state courts.

Flood has taught at Elon Law, University of Tennessee’s College of Law and College of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and at Duke University’s Paralegal Program, according to her website.

Flood also works within the community. At CORRAL Riding Academy, a non-profit with equine therapy for at-risk girls, she serves on the Board Governance and Internal Affairs committees.

“I use my human resource and business management experience to help with advising on hiring and personnel policies,” Flood said. “And so, all of those experiences contribute to my facility with the law, my currency in the law, my ability to deal with people, my eagerness to serve and just a sense of working within and serving my community.”

Though Flood is running as a Republican, she said the role itself is apolitical. 

“When I begin to do the work of the Court of Appeals each and every day, I leave behind any political perspective,” Flood said. “I believe that the law means what it says so I read the text and I apply that text. I believe that's why I have been successful for jurists of both parties sought out by jurists of both parties, because I believe that in the hundreds of opinions I've analyzed or drafted, I've done so not as a Republican but as a public servant to the Court of Appeals.”