Burlington resident Brittany Shaw gives back to the community through what she knows best — baking cookies. 

She began baking as a way to make money while in nursing school. Now, she owns her own company, Sweet B Cookies. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, she had to close and find another job, but Shaw said as she gets back into business, she never lost sight of her dream. 

“I said ‘Lord,’ I said, ‘When it’s time for me to go back and do my cookie thing, I want you to push me out of this position,’” Shaw said. 

Eventually, her prayers were answered. 

“July 8th was my last day at my old positions, and I went both feet in trying to find a kitchen to cook out of so that I could sell my cookies to the masses,” Shaw said. 

Shaw currently bakes at the DC community kitchen created by the CityGate Dream Center but she is moving into her own space at the Holly Hill Mall in Burlington, where she hopes to be in less than 30 days. 

After moving into the mall, Shaw wants to hire employees and eventually open a nonprofit. Shaw worked for the Alamance-Burlington School System for 14 years as a bus driver and hopes to use the nonprofit to give scholarships to ABSS employees.

Shaw sells a variety of cookies and brownies. Some of her popular flavors are red velvet and banana pudding. But, she said the biggest challenge she has faced along the way is funding her business. She said she is using her savings account to run the business, but she is confident that everything will work out. 

“I can honestly say that I have no fear in this moment because I’ve seen the signs that this is my purpose in life to connect to my community, to give back to my community. And I can’t fail,” Shaw said.

Her baked goods are also sold closer to campus at the Oak House. Owner Phil Smith said he has always tried to support local businesses, is happy to see Shaw’s company grow and will continue to sell her cookies at Oak House. 

“It’s a good sign when somebody has a product they put their heart and soul into it and they work hard,” Smith said. “Then to see them grow and develop and maybe make that bigger. I mean, that’s a great thing.” 

Shaw makes the cookies by herself but said her husband plans to learn the recipes. She said her children are helpful as well. 

Since the business is new, Shaw said she has not been able to do a lot of community outreach but hopes to host baking classes for children around the holidays. Shaw said she likes to help others and see people enjoy her food. 

“I definitely love to help people and to see them smile,” Shaw said. “Sometimes, after a rough day, something sweet that is nostalgic that reminds you of grandma’s house. And that’s what our cookies do.