Elon University was recognized by the 2023 Fiske Guide to Colleges as a pioneer in experiential learning and global engagement, according to a news release. 

The book was written by Edward B. Fiske — a former education editor for the New York Times — and aims to guide prospective students in their college decisions. Fiske describes over 300 of the nation’s best up-and-coming universities and bases his analysis off of academic ratings, price and quality of student life on campus. 

“I'm really proud to be at an institution that has been so committed to experiential learning including global engagement,” Dean of Global Education Nick Gozik wrote to Elon News Network. “Many other schools note their desire to engage students outside the classroom, yet few have reached the level of success that Elon has. It takes a lot to ensure that experiential learning is intentionally and thoughtfully integrated into students' academic, personal, and professional trajectories. There has been a long-term investment over many years that has paid off, to the benefit of Elon students.”

Within the guide, Fiske includes quotes and comments from current students and focuses on Elon’s undergraduate research, internship opportunities, study abroad and leadership programs and the experiential learning requirements.

Gozik also mentioned the great deal of positive feedback from students that he feels contributes to Elon’s inclusive and progressive atmosphere.

“Elon is a hidden gem. Even students who have heard of Elon are not always sure what to expect. However, I have heard time and time again that, once students get here, see the campus, and learn about what is possible, they realize how different the place is,” Gozik wrote to Elon News Network. “This includes the ability to engage in study abroad and Study USA.  Publications like the Fiske Guide can only help raise Elon's profile, encouraging students to explore our campus and programming, on and off campus.”