Following the May 1 National Enrollment Deadline, Elon University’s Vice President of Enrollment Greg Zaiser reported the number of committed students for the following year. Elon University is expected to enroll 1,785 students in the class of 2026 entering in fall 2022. This is a 12% increase in enrollment from the previous year.

Although 281 students have not yet decided their major, the top 10 declared majors are: psychology, finance, biology, business analytics, exercise science, marketing, entrepreneurship, engineering, elementary education and journalism. Finance jumped from the 10th most popular major for incoming freshmen in 2021 to the second most popular major in 2022. 

Of enrolled students 42% are men and 58% are women. This aligns with Elon University’s traditional gender ratio of around 40% men and 60% women, which it has seen since 2000. 

The class of 2026 has 203 first-generation students. This compares to last year's enrollment of 62 and the year prior's of 45. This year's racial breakdown is similar to years past, with 19% of students of color.