A full room of energetic sports fans is what general manager Jennifer Donald expects  on a typical game night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Whether it’s football, basketball, or now, eSports, the televisions that surround the perimeter of the restaurant guarantee a variety of entertainment options for its guests. These guests are who voted the franchise “Best Wings.”

Donald said the energy of the restaurant is reflected in their staff.

“We literally live, eat, and breathe wings, beer and sports,” Donald said. “You can't go anywhere else to watch the big game with 100 TVs.”

Despite social distancing guidelines, Donald said she is happy they are still able to maintain the typical energy in the restaurant and says that safety is the number one priority.

“We've made strides to make sure that not only are you in here having a good time, but you're also in here and you're safe,” Donald said. “And everybody's making that a priority as well.”

Senior Martin Beckelhymer said he enjoys the casual and active environment of Buffalo Wild Wings, especially on a day with one of their famous specials. 

“Buy one get one, you can't really beat that in terms of value,” Beckelhymer said. “There's other places whose flavors I prefer at times, but can't beat buy one get one.”

Donald said she loves to keep sports fans pumped with high energy and having a good time at Buffalo Wild Wings.