A town of Elon resident was arrested on Oct. 2 for “resisting a public officer and disorderly conduct," according to a police report.

Resident Michael Lassiter was arrested Saturday night outside the back entrance of the Station at Mill Point. According to the police report, Lassiter began "yelling and cursing at individuals as they walked by his residence" when the officers arrived. According to the report, after ignoring verbal requests to stop, Lassiter was arrested and processed in the town police department before being sent to Alamance County Jail. 

Students told Elon News Network that Lassiter has verbally harassed them as they walked down the street to campus, and members of a Station at Mill Point group message said that they've been yelled at for walking down the road instead of using the sidewalk. The students also said they have been yelled at for cutting through the backyard of an abandoned house toward the end of South Holt Avenue.

Video by Caitlin Rundle.

Members of the Station at Mill Point met with town police on Oct. 1 to discuss the verbal harassment they received from Lassiter. Senior Sarah Malone, who was at the meeting, said she doesn't want to have to be scared to walk down the street.

“I’m not littering, I’m not peeing in anyone’s yard, I’m not antagonizing him," Malone said. "I don’t understand why he can’t just leave us alone.” 

Lassiter's scheduled court date is set for Nov. 17 and he declined to comment until he speaks with attorneys later this week.