All residents in the town of Elon have until the end of this month to pay their water bills. Residents that have not paid their bills by Nov. 3 will be disconnected from access to water, according to Town Manager Richard Roedner. 

This comes after the town announced they are extending the deadline to pay water bills until Oct. 31, according to a press release. The deadline extension comes as a result of delayed delivery of bills to residents after the town transitioned to a monthly billing system — as opposed to the previous bi-monthly system — for water and sewage services.

The town announced the change in July and bills were issued at the beginning of October. According to the press release, some residents did not receive their bills for water and sewage services until after Oct. 15, the initial due date for water bills.

The issues of delayed delivery were related to the town’s post office, according to the press release. Town of Elon manager Richard Roedner said the change in billing is still new to the town and he will align town policies with those of other municipalities nearby.

“We have seen a very large number of delinquent accounts this month and we want to make sure people have the opportunity to pay their bill before being disconnected,” Roedner said.