Elon Dining has reintroduced the Burger Joint in Clohan Dining Hall, while keeping some plant-based options as a result of overcrowded facilities and a need for protein options. Some Elon University students say they’re concerned about wait times at McEwen and Lakeside dining halls, while others enjoy having a dining hall where their dietary needs are met. 

Casey Claflin, guest experience manager at Elon Dining wrote in an email to Elon News Network that he had received feedback from students living near Clohan that the dining hall needed protein options. Since then, the Burger Joint was reinstated in early September to support the needs of both vegan and meat eaters. 

The Clohan Dining Hallmenu went fully vegan at the start of the 2021-22 academic year, but feedback from students on the new dining style changed the menu quickly.

“Our dining team prides itself in being flexible and quick to address guest feedback,” Claflin wrote. 

Though some are worried about wait times, other students are glad Clohan is sticking with a mostly vegan palette. Sophomore Ayesh Awad is vegan and said he believes that other students will be less likely to try Clohan’s plant-based options now that the Burger Joint is back.

“I think people will be stuck at that station and not try any other food from the vegan stations. Any food there is amazing,” Awad said.

Claflin said Elon Dining tries to highlight other food options in Clohan beyond the Burger Joint that students can try, such as grain bowls, the salad bar and mezze bar. Claflin also announced that there are plans to introduce a deli station at McEwen. 

“We are always flexible and always base changes on constant guest feedback,” Claflin said. “Based on this approach, we’re certain that new menus will be added to all our restaurants throughout the year.”