The 2021 “Dancing in the Landscape” concert will mark the first live in-person performance for two classes of Elon’s dance program. 

Sophomore Gaby Minionis said last year’s performance was about focusing on a specific camera angle, but this year when she performs, she’ll get to meet the eyes of her family members.

“Having them here also means a lot to me, as with my friends also finally seeing me perform after they know I'm a dancer, they just haven't seen me dance yet,” Minionis said.

The concert takes place over Family Weekend and is the first in-person dance performance at Elon in over 500 days. Minionis said there’s nothing but positive feelings going into the performances — especially for the sophomore class.

“This is like a very fun, but also like, monumental moment for us because we did lose a lot,” Minionis said. “A lot of us lost our senior year performances in high school, I know I'd never had that last chance to perform. So for us, it's more about the presence of being with others than anything else.”

This year’s performance takes place in the Snow Family Grand Atrium, Under the Oaks and on the steps of Whitley Auditorium. 

Junior Kayla Spalding is a dancer and student choreographer in the show. She said being in both roles is a new but great experience, and there’s nothing like having a live audience.

“It's just amazing to have their physical responses,” Spalding said. “You're hearing how they are perceiving and interacting with a piece. It's just — there's nothing like it.”

Creating art anywhere on campus is what Spalding said the concert is all about.

“I know just going to my landscape piece and the area where it occurs, I was just so inspired to create even more and adjust and change my choreography even more,” Spalding said.

Both dancers say they hope everyone who watches finds a different way to interpret the performance.

There are two chances to view this weekend’s performance: Friday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday at noon. Admission is free but space is limited.