Elon University has begun to offer clinics around campus to provide students access to a flu shot.  

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has organized flu shot clinics during the months of October and November. On the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center site is a schedule indicating the dates, times and locations of the clinics and links to register for them. 

According to an email from Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley, students will not be allowed onto campus for Winter Term or the Spring 2020 semester unless they provide documentation that they received a flu vaccine. 


OCT. 8 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at PARC in the Danieley Neighborhood
OCT. 20 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at Alumni Gym
NOV. 6 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at Alumni Gym

Charlotte Williams, associate director of campus recreation, said the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center began their partnership with CVS Pharmacy to give the vaccine to Elon students. 

The registration process for the flu vaccine clinics is run through CVS. One must provide their insurance and health care information, along with questions concerning if a registry has been exposed to COVID-19 within the past three to five days and is showing symptoms. 

Williams also said her role running these clinics is to run the several clinics on campus and make things easy for Elon students.  

She also said the CVS employees that come to the clinics and members of Campus Rec are making sure physical distancing is maintained at these clinics, and they also sanitize materials often to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as new people come in to receive their shots. 

Freshman Paige Goldberg said her experience with the clinic was straightforward. 

”My roommate’s mom sent her a flyer that she found on Facebook and then we typed in the link and then it was just such an easy process from there,” Goldberg said. “You pretty much just go onto the link, pick a day that works for you with a scheduled time and then you type in just all your information from there.”

As a freshman without access to a car, Goldberg said it was simpler and more accessible to go to a clinic on campus rather than finding a ride to a CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens. 

Goldberg also said the school has done a good job of combatting the pandemic given the circumstances.

“Our school has been very, very on top of the COVID situation,” Goldberg said. “It seems as though they are doing their best to combat it, but I feel as though getting the flu shot now is extremely important.” 

To learn more about getting your flu shot this semester, visit the Campus Recreation and Wellness section of the university website and contact Charlotte Williams to learn more.