Often overlooked, outdoor basketball courts are part of what makes Elon University’s campus so unique. I have seen many college campuses in the Northeast that don’t have any outdoor courts. I have selected three of my personal favorite courts to play on and one which I believe comes out on top.  


Pros: The Danieley courts offer a wide-open space for any pickup game and are situated next to two parking lots, which allow students to drive there easily. The courts themselves are concrete, making them easier to dribble and to run on. The Danieley courts are also located right next to Qdoba and Einstein’s, giving students the option to grab a drink after playing. 

Cons: Danieley is far from most places on campus, which makes it harder to get to. Most of the hoops are double rimmed, and as a result, it is more difficult to make shots.


Pros: The Global courts offer four hoops with even pavement. The courts are big and spacious, allowing players to move around without feeling cramped. 

Cons: Global has fewer hoops than Danieley. The courts are right in the middle of campus, so students often walk through them, which can interrupt pickup games. 

The Oaks

Pros: The Oaks court is out of the way of students walking through campus, offering a definitive space to play any type of game with limited distractions.  

Cons: When it rains, there are often puddles that form due to dips in the pavement, which makes it difficult to use the courts during inclement weather. 


It’s clear that the Danieley courts are the best. These courts offer the most hoops, with a variety of different types of rims (double or regular), and have the best pavement for dribbling and running. Despite their less than ideal location, Danieley courts offer a lot of space to play any type of basketball game and to work on your skills.

I’ve always been a big fan of basketball, and while having the outdoor courts wasn’t a factor in my choice to go to Elon, it’s certainly a perk I take advantage of every chance I get. Being from New York, I grew up surrounded by pickup basketball, which is part of New York City culture. It’s great to see so many people meeting on the courts, enjoying the outdoors and playing the game.