Even though the renovated McEwen Dining Hall has only been open for about a year, it has quickly become Elon students’ favorite spot for breakfast. Right by Historic Neighborhood and a short walk from Global Neighborhood, McEwen has an assortment of different breakfast options for students.


Second Place: Grill Worx
Third Place: Skid's

Sophomore Claire Grider said she comes to McEwen for breakfast because it has the most options and is convenient because it’s close to her classes, located in the School of Communications. 

During fall semester, Grider said she sat down between her morning classes to eat at McEwen, but during Winter Term, she headed for the fruit bar with her to-go box.

“The fruit is really nice. That’s mainly what I get, but then also if I have more time, they always have eggs and sausage and bacon, typical breakfast food,” Grider said.

Students can choose to get a lighter breakfast of fruit, yogurt or cereal, or they can pick from the many pastries such as muffins or croissants. The traditional choice of biscuits, bacon and sausage is also offered. Otherwise, students can head to the “made-to-order” station to get an omelet with toppings of their choice. 

Grider said she enjoys that McEwen has a continental breakfast after their regular breakfast hours.

“When they had continental time, barely anyone was there, and you could sit there, do homework and snack,” she said.

Even though she lives on the other side of campus in Danieley Neighborhood, Grider decides to make the trek each morning to McEwen.

“It’s quite a walk, but it’s honestly worth it,” Grider said. 

another fun fact

McEwen Dining Hall reopened back up in the fall of 2018 after being closed for renovations for over a year.

She also appreciates that the food McEwen serves for breakfast and what is listed on the Elon Dining website matches up. 

“McEwen’s been typically more dependable with what they’re going to have. If I look at Elon Dining, they’re going to have it for sure,” Grider said.