Elon students have given the title of Best Minor in the school to photography.

Photography as a minor was created at Elon just three years ago. The program has since seen a 30% increase in student participation every year. 


Second Place: Political Science
Third Place: Multimedia Authoring

With a balance of courses in both art fundamentals and studio practice, the minor emphasizes hands-on experience and skill craft. Small class sizes and equipped workspaces additionally provide students with an outlet to indulge in their creativity. 

“A photography minor student takes a total of five courses, including three photography courses and then two other art classes,” said junior Aleeza Zinn, a photography minor. 

Most projects completed by photography minor students are categorized as fine art photography.

“They are more conceptual than just taking a picture. There is a meaning behind the picture, which is one of my favorite parts of the projects,” Zinn said. “You continuously revise your work until you have a solid concept and a way to portray this idea through the camera.” 

One of the most appealing features of photography, Zinn said, is working with classmates who each have their own distinct styles. 

“In my classes, I have seen extremely talented photographers’ works, and part of what made them so great was their interesting perspectives, compositions and lighting,” Zinn said.

Another Fun Fact

Photography is one of 41 areas of study that are offered strictly as minors at Elon University.

The hope for the photography department in the future is to attract more students to the minor. 

“Photography can cross over into so many majors and effectively support careers both in and out of art,” said Michael Fels, Professor of Art and Chair of the Department of Art. “I believe it will only continue to grow.”