For the third consecutive year, Burlington’s Harris Teeter has earned the title “Best Grocery Store.” Located just two miles from campus, this Southern chain continues to serve as a one-stop shop for Elon students. 

runners up

Second place: Walmart
Third place: Lowe's

“Elon kids do make up a large percentage of our shoppers,” said a Harris Teeter representative, who, due to company regulations, asked not to be identified. “We see a lot of them, especially now with everyone coming back from break.” 

He cited Harris Teeter’s deli, bakery, sushi bar and supply of fresh produce as major draws for students. The store also provides variety beyond that of a typical small grocery store, including an international food section and health-conscious products for organic and gluten-free shoppers. 

In addition to food, Harris Teeter hosts a pharmacy, fuel center and home products section. Soon, it may offer even more, as the Church Street location is currently undergoing a renovation to expand into the adjacent storefront. 

Another Fun Fact

The grocery chain is named after its founders, William Thomas Harris and Willis L. Teeter.

Although Harris Teeter prices are slightly higher than other stores such as Walmart and Food Lion, it offers special savings through its Very Important Customer incentive. VIC cards are available to all shoppers, and select locations even offer additional discounts for university students. Elon students who register for a VIC card during the school year receive a 5% discount for the rest of the year. 

Freshman Ella Williams said she loves Harris Teeter not only for its wide variety of goods but also for the savings. While she said Harris Teeter offers produce and products that are hard to find on Elon’s main campus, she agrees that as a college student, cutting costs is incredibly important. 

“I have a VIC card,” she said. “I use it every time I go. It’s great because you get coupons and save money from the discounts.”