Relay for Life and Club Baseball hosted their annual “Dodge for a Cause” fundraiser on Oct. 11. This is Relay for Life’s third year hosting the beloved dodgeball tournament and the second year of hosting the event in collaboration with Club Baseball. 

Dodge for a Cause is an enjoyable event for everyone regardless of if they’re the players or event planners. Relay for Life’s Jamie Inlander said Relay for Life "looks forward to spreading both of our messages to each of our audiences” through this event. 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network

Players in the Dodge for a Cause dodgeball tournament took part and donated money to the American Cancer Society and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  

Dodge for a Cause had a large turn-out, and “having this many students show up is a huge accomplishment for both organizations” according to Relay for Life’s Kayla Collins.

This collaboration is meant to raise money for the American Cancer Society and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. These topics hit close to home for the members of the organizations involved. “This is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts; we tragically lost a brother of ours a few years ago,” said Club Baseball’s president Mark Scola on the importance of this event to the team. “It’s our duty to let people know it’s okay to not be okay.”

A wide variety of students and organizations formed teams that took part in today’s activities, such as senior Kate Wallace and sophomore Miles Caraballo, two students on the dodgeball team representing the a cappella group Vital Signs. 

“We were literally in there for like three minutes, and I don’t think any of us are upset about it,” Carabello said with a laugh. “We knew we were going to lose; we weren’t here to get in the final round.” 

Wallace joined in on the jokes, exclaiming, “We’re a bunch of singers, so, you know… but it was for a good cause.” The two spoke on the fun they’ve had at Dodge for a Cause both this year and in past years, and the high energy from all the students at South Gym today showed that everyone could agree with Wallace and Caraballo.