Friday evening, Gaspard & Dancers put on a show in the McCrary Theater as part of the Elon University Lyceum Series.

The group consists of eight members and they performed seven dances which varied in tempo from upbeat to slow, and in moods ranging from light to serious. 

The show’s meaning was left up to the audience to interpret. Anna Cave, Elon freshman, and dancer herself, said she appreciated the open endedness of the program.

“I really liked the different qualities of the movement and the sounds. And I think that each piece made me feel something different and that I could interpret each one a different way,” Cave said. 

She specifically appreciated the piece “NoEntry,” which she connected to the ongoing immigration crisis. 

“I think it represented the border and the problems of the border which was really cool and brave for them to do,” Cave said. 

Clare Grant | Elon News Network

Gaspard and Dancers perform in "L'esprit" in McCrary Theater on Sept. 13, 2019. 

Artistic director of the program Gaspard Louis said he hopes that the audience will see how all immigrants are human. 

“We’re not thieves or rapists or people coming to steal your jobs,” Louis said. “We are just here looking for a great opportunity because America is a place for opportunity. Then we work hard and that’s what I hope you look into our soul to see the true human being.”