Move In weekend was full of emotions, from excitement and nerves, to a few tears. For mother Charlotte Olson, having her daughter Corinna away from home wasn’t unusual. 

Corinna attended a traveling high school where she lived in 12 countries in a span of three years. However, Charlotte couldn't help tearing up when moving her daughter into her new dormitory in the Global Neighborhood. 

“She isn’t the first child to go away and she isn’t the last,” said Charlotte. “The middle child often gets forgotten and I don’t know… I didn’t think I was going to cry but now I am.”  

Zach Ohmann | Elon News Network
Corinna Olson moves into Global dorm with the help of her family.

Corinna isn’t moving into Elon without a strong support system already in place. Charlotte grew up in the area and her and her husband still live here. In the spring, Corinna’s older brother will be back on campus after studying comedy in Chicago. 

Although Corinna is used to being away from home, she thinks settling in to Elon will be different. 

“It’ll be the perfect mix between being in a new environment and finding my way and being around lots of people I know and love,” she said.