All That JAS launched its new brand on Wednesday, April 17, following its weeklong promotion on its digital media platforms.

The brand had not changed since November 2003 when Michaelle Graybeal opened the boutique, which offers unique appeal and customized items to fit individuals' style.

In 2018, Elon University senior Emma Pinkus, who’s worked for JAS for two years, pitched the idea of a brand change after noticing a need for a broader appeal.

“I’ve always realized the branding was outdated," Pinkus said. "We weren’t reaching the amount of students we should because the green and pink logo just seems preppy and very southern. I was aware of how students perceived it.”

Knowing she was going to graduate this spring, Pinkus wanted to see this implemented while she was still a student.

The username on All That JAS' social media has switched from “jasgreek” to “shopallthatjas” to widen their customers from just the greek community. The staff also installed a new cursive logo and are continuing to produce on-trend items.

JAS is enthusiastic about the launch and hopeful about the future success of the store.

“Big thanks to our incredible students for making this all happen," Graybeal said. “Really looking forward to what the future holds for JAS and our new brand!”

Nicole Kister, an active supporter of All That JAS, explained the brand is much needed and comes at a perfect time.

“I’m really excited to see All That JAS modernizing its style to keep up with Elon and Elon’s people,” Kister said.