Elon University will not be changing all Phoenix Cards to meet the requirements for a voter identification card and has instead applied to provide an alternative ID card to students who request one.

According to Christopher Fulkerson, assistant vice president for administrative services, the “prohibitive” costs of having all Phoenix Cards be in compliance with the state’s requirements was a significant factor in why only students who request an ID will get one that can be used for voting. 

To re-card all students, it would cost the university more than $40,000, which excludes the $57,000 cost for new equipment to make these cards.

The President’s Office submitted their new card on Wednesday. Fulkerson said it was a challenge to design a new card on such a tight deadline.

“Our problem was that designing a completely different ID card would have taken six to eight weeks,” Fulkerson said. “The Card Office staff made some adjustments to our current ID, and we submitted it on Wednesday.”

The North Carolina State Board of Elections has until Friday, March 15, to approve Elon’s application. Fulkerson and the Card Office are hoping the modifications for the alternative card suffice though Fulkerson said “the short turnaround time is proving difficult."