Dr. Milk is a new, locally-owned bubble tea, rolled ice cream and frozen yogurt store in Burlington.

The store opened last month and is located on South Church Street. The atmosphere is open and fresh and has a friendly vibe that allows customers to be creative. One of Dr. Milk’s managers, Hui Chen, says she takes requests for her bubble tea, and there are unlimited toppings for the rolled ice cream. 

“We knew a lot of stores sell bubble tea. But we are different because they use powder and we do not, but we exchange it every four to six hours,” Chen said.

While Dr. Milk is not the only bubble tea company in Burlington, they know how to widen their market and keep all their products fresh. And they decided to sell rolled ice cream to diversify themselves.

“We serve rolled ice cream, not traditional American ice cream. We roll the ice cream on the plate, and we chop fresh cookies or something into the ice cream. It is hard work,” Chen said.

The ice cream is beautiful, and the work that goes into it is clear. The Reese’s Dream is a popular flavor.

“Oh that’s so good. Wait that’s really good. It’s so creamy. You can get unlimited toppings, and you get pocky sticks,” said customer Ali Ryan.

Ryan’s reaction to her first taste of the rolled ice cream speaks to the craftsmanship of the delicious dessert. But customers still don’t forget about the bubble tea.

“I recommend a customer get the Fresh Strawberry Milk Tea,” Chen said. The Fresh Strawberry Milk Tea comes with heart and star-shaped tapioca in it and many different colorful layers of tea and milk. The tea was as beautiful as the rolled ice cream.

Ryan followed Chen’s recommendation and reacted enthusiastically to the suggestion.

“That’s so cute. I love the stars and hearts. I am a big fan. It’s actually really good. But if you are not a fan of texture, this is not your drink. But the flavor of the tea is really tasty. It’s not too sweet,” Ryan said.

The nearly four-week-old store has been very popular, especially for families. Dr. Milk is busy after school, according to Chen, but she wishes there were more Elon students. There is also a sign in Dr. Milk’s window for wanted employees.