Ian Baltutis, the current mayor of Burlington, announced in a press release Wednesday that he plans to hit the campaign trail again, hoping to keep his seat in office this coming November.

Baltutis was first elected as mayor in 2015, becoming Burlington's youngest mayor at 30 years old. He was later re-elected in November 2017.

His first two campaigns were focused on improving the quality of affordable housing, growing local businesses, promoting diversity and reducing crime rates throughout the city of Burlington.

He and his wife also own multiple businesses in the area.  Most recently, they purchased Persnickety Books together in hopes of fostering a sense of community within the walls of the used bookstore and in the wider Burlington community. Baltutis said he hopes to use the bookstore's new program to reduce crime in the community and decrease poverty. 

Baltutis, who graduated from Elon with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship, also owns Vibrations Solution LLC. He said that his experience as a business man helps him understand the needs of Burlington businesses. 

“As an entrepreneur, I understand some of the struggles that folks go through when they're trying to start a business anywhere in our community and as a city there are things we can do to modernize and streamline the way we help businesses out," said Baltutis. 

He said that there are infrastructure developments that have not been implemented he hopes to. These developments include: building a new police station, connecting North and South Main street, and building internet broadband infrastructure.

A press conference will be held regarding Baltutis' campaign announcement at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 21, in front of the Historic Train Depot in Burlington. Baltutis and his supporters will walk across the street to a kickoff reception at the Burlington Beer Works Brewery from 6:15 to 9 p.m.