Elon University President Connie Book released the names of the members of the Provost Search Committee in an email Friday Feb. 15 to Elon students, faculty and staff. This follows Provost Steven House’s announcement that he will be concluding his service to Elon at the end of this calendar year. 

Eric Hall, professor of exercise science and faculty athletics representative, and Jean Rattigan-Rohr, professor of education and executive director of community partnerships and director of the Center for Access and Success, will serve as committee co-chairs. All members of the committee were selected by President Book after she consulted with various faculty and staff members across campus, according to an email statement from Rattigan-Rohr. 

Eric Hall said his job as co-chair, along with Rattigan-Rohr, is to serve as a liaison between an executive search firm, the Elon community, and the search committee itself. 

“The biggest thing is just making sure that people understand what the process is and trying to be as transparent about that as possible,” Hall said. 

In the coming days, President Book will be adding two undergraduate students and one graduate student to the committee. Book has also asked Mary Southern, Tim Peeples and Keren Rivas to assist her during the search.

"We are confident we will attract strong interest from outstanding leaders across the country for this opportunity."

Jean Rattigan-Rohr Professor of Education

The Elon community received an email later on Feb. 15 from committee co-chairs about listening sessions the University will be conducting to hear feedback from students, alumni, faculty and staff on the open position. The first session took place yesterday, Feb. 19, and the second sessions will take place Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 9:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 

“These listening sessions are very important for our community. People have a say as far as what we want from our next provost,” Hall said. “If they can’t attend the listening session, then I would just encourage them to make sure that they reach out to Jean and I as co-chairs to give input because I think this is really important for us if we’re going to be successful.”

Those who are not on campus can participate in the meetings via WebEx or by calling in.

Hall said even though he and Steven House did not always see eye-to-eye, House has always been clear in explaining why he took his stances. When looking for traits in a new provost, Hall said he is looking for someone who has the energy and excitement to understand the Elon environment.

“I think that whoever takes this position needs to be a dynamic person, dynamic personality to help navigate all of the change that happens at Elon,” Hall said. 

Rattigan-Rohr said she is looking for a candidate with leadership abilities in both academic affairs and student life. In an email, she said she is confident Elon will attract strong applicants. 

“With Elon’s growing national reputation for excellence and its student-centered culture, we are confident we will attract strong interest from outstanding leaders across the country for this opportunity,” Rattigan-Rohr said. 

The Provost Search Committee members are listed below in alphabetical order. 

Jill Auditori, adjunct instructor in world languages and political science

Kirstie Doehler, associate professor of statistics

Catherine Dunham, professor of law

Mark Enfield, associate professor of education

Steve Folger, department chair/program director and professor of physical therapy education

Eric Hall, professor of exercise science, faculty athletics representative and committee co-chair

Lynn Huber, director of the Honors Program and professor of religious studies

Amy Johnson, director of the Elon Core Curriculum and associate professor of history

Prudence Layne, chair of Academic Council, associate professor of English

Jana Lynn Patterson, associate vice president for Student Life, dean of students and assistant professor

Jean Rattigan-Rohr, professor of education, executive director of community partnerships, director of the Center for Access and Success, committee co-chair

Patrick Rudd, assistant librarian and coordinator of library instruction and outreach services

Raghu Tadepalli, dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business

Kate Upton, director of the Reed Finance Center and assistant professor of finance

Hal Vincent, director of Live Oak Communications and lecturer in communications

Greg Zaiser, vice president of enrollment