Update: 11:15 p.m.
Republican Steve Carter will now serve on the Alamance County Board of Commissionsers according to unofficial results from the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Republican incumbent, Amy Galey, holds onto her position as commissioner. Steve Carter will join her on the board. Democratic opponent, Kristen Powers falls in at only 22.9 percent of votes and Bob Byrd with 23.8 percent. 

These projections come at all of precincts reporting as polls wrap up. 

Amy Scott Galey (R)

  • The current Republican incumbent, Amy Galey, is a lawyer stationed in Burlington. She has served in her current position from 2017 to 2018, and leans more on the conservative wing. 

 Kristen Powers (D)

  • Kristen Powers is a newcomer to the political scene. A young documentarian, Powers grew up on a farm, but is making waves as the first Latina candidate to ever run in Burlington. Powers said in her campaign video on twitter, "I believe in the potential and power of the people who live here."

Robert E. Byrd (D)

  • Robert Byrd is up for re-election as the current Democrat incumbent. Byrd formerly was in charge at the Alamance Regional Medical Center, and began his campaign four years ago.

Steven J. Carter (R)

  • Steven Carter is the Republican opponent, and leader of the Alamance Conservatives, a TEA party group in Alamance county. Carter's focus, should he win, will be on incurring the lowest tax rate possible.