SGA voted to approve a $65,000 special allocation to cover the artist fee for the fall 2018 homecoming concert, doubling the original artist budget. The concert will take place in the Schar Center on Nov. 3, 2018. 

With the additional allocation, the total projected cost of the concert is $180,345. The artist fee totals $130,000, which comes out of SGA's budget, and the operational costs of the concert total $50,345, which comes from the Student Union Board's budget. 

SUB's concert director and senior class president Colton Cadarette said they cannot name the artist, but said it was a big name artist, citing Kesha, Halsey, DJ Khaled and Childish Gambino as hypothetical examples. Cadarette said there is a "very good chance" the artist will be able to perform now that the allocation is approved.  

In order to pick the artist, the SUB team analyzed data from a survey sent out to all students and held an event inviting student input. 

Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson emphasized during the meeting that the special allocation is only granted one time per event. In the future, SUB cannot petition for more money for the homecoming concert specifically, but is allowed to ask for allocations for different events. 

Senators expressed concern over the sustainability of bringing in big names for the concert without future special allocations. But they were willing to make an exception because it would be the first concert in the Schar Center and trust that SUB will deliver with a popular artist. 

"We are doing this because it's special," said executive treasurer senior Max Pivonka.  

The senators voted 37-0 in favor of approving the allocation. 

The capacity of the Schar Center is 5,100 seats, but that number is reduced when the stage  is brought in. Cadarette said SUB plans on crating standing room only spaces to maximize room, but the arena still cannot fit the entirety of Elon University's student body. 

"If that's still not enough that's a scary reality. I think we really need to encourage students and make that clear in the messaging that there is a limited amount of tickets," Cadarette said.