Update Feb. 23, 2017 7:30 p.m.

Jordan Gym transformed from a basketball court to a dance floor this afternoon for "Feel Good Friday." Zumbathon, Campus Recreation's last event for Love Your Body Week, took place today from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Led by Elon Sophomore Noor Irshaidat, students learned how to combine exercise and dance. Campus Rec staff gave away free tank tops, water bottles, and other prizes to everyone in attendance to close out the week.

Freshman Angelica Collazo dances with friends at Zumbathon in Jordan Gym.

Freshman Angelica Collazo is already looking forward to next year's Zumbathon. "I love Zumba, I've been doing it all my life," Collazo said. "It was great, it was awesome. All the instructors did a very good job, it was very organized, and the music was great." 

Junior Kendall Kynoch said she wishes the instructor did a better job of teaching the dance moves before playing the music, but she still had a "decent amount" of fun.

"It's an alternative way to exercise that people don't necessarily think about," Kynoch said. "It's really important for confidence too because you do sexual dance moves that you normally might not do."

Earlier in the week, students also learned lifting techniques with Lifting 101 and Ladies Lifting Monday night. These classes in Koury Fitness Center focused on educating participants about different lifts and techniques for using the gym equipment.

Men were not allowed to go to the downstairs section of the gym during "Ladies Lifting." Photo by Michelle Klein

Sophomore Marjorie Anne Foster said it was her second time attending Ladies Lifting, and she thinks it’s a great way to learn new exercises.

“It really empowered me," said Foster. "At Elon you always see the women on the cardio and it would just be really awesome to see more women learning about how weightlifting can benefit their fitness."

A yogurt bar and seated massages attracted a lot of students to the Moseley Center for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Photo by Alec Mendell

Foster also participated in "Treat Yourself Tuesday," which helped students de-stress and prepare for the rest of the week. A yogurt bar and seated massages attracted many students to the Oak Room of the Moseley Center from 11:00am to 2:00pm. Junior Jack Hartmann is the Team Leader of Special Events at Campus Rec. He said every year they get a large turnout for the massages.

“People were able to stop by and get a treat to brighten up their day… people would come to relax and take a quick study break or a break from their busy schedule,” Hartmann said.

On "Wellness Wednesday," national speaker Jennifer Schafer addressed students about positive body image in Turner Theater. Campus Rec also partnered with Elon Outdoors to host a S’mores with Outdoors event on the Koury Campus Recreation back patio after the talk. 

“It’s just about happiness,” Hartmann said. “We aren’t about pushing healthy nutrition, it’s just about being healthy all around.”

And "Thoughtful Thursday" certainly helped lift students’ spirits. In Moseley, students were given the chance to write a letter to themselves that will be sent back to them during midterms week as a positive encouragement. Elon Campus Dining partnered with Campus Rec to spread more positive messages outside Clohan Hall. 

Thoughtful Thursday gave students a chance to write kind messages, appropriately attached to Kind granola bars. Photo by Michelle Klein

Sophomore Sara Lewin and other students were able to write kind messages, appropriately attached to Kind granola bars, which were reallocated to other students. “It’s a great way to make someone’s day better, and it makes you happy to get something, a nice note,” Lewin said.