It’s been a month since Elon University move in, but some Colonnades Neighborhood residents are still unpacking.

Study USA Director Mark Dalhouse, his wife Mary Ellen and their two twin sons, Theodore and Braden, are still adjusting to their new living quarters on the first floor of Story Hall in the Colonnades.

Dalhouse and his family, along with his dog and two cats, moved onto campus this August to be closer to Elon and its students. He also doesn’t mind the commute.

“I like the atmosphere of the college campus. I like having — in addition to my job, which I love — access to the programs that are here, the intellectual enrichment that I and my family can enjoy. The opportunity to see students outside of the classroom, that’s very meaningful to me as an educator,” Dalhouse said.

Dalhouse is no stranger to living on a college campus. He has previously lived as a faculty resident on two other college campuses, including Vanderbilt University. Dalhouse’s sons Theodore and Braden are currently both in fourth grade at Burlington Elementary, though in different classes. They both enjoy living on campus and taking advantage of all Elon has to offer, including watching their dad lecture in the classroom.

“I get to go to the Maker’s Hub and that’s really neat, and I like 3D printing  a lot,” Theodore said. “I like to eat so I go over to the dining hall a lot … I sometimes go to the library and look at books with my dad, it’s just really nice.”

Theodore was able to catch the game football during the second quarter of Saturday’s home opener against Charleston Southern University. As for their hobbies, Theodore can be seen selling slime in the Colonnades quad, one of his most recent business ventures. Braden can be spotted riding his scooter around the Quad and playing outside with his puppets.

“I can socialize with college students, and have fun with them and just have things to do,” Braden said.

While Braden is getting to attend a lot of college activities, he says he has not attended a college party.

Dalhouse said he thinks it’s a great opportunity to have his kids grow up around college students that are working hard to make their dreams a reality. Dalhouse’s wife Mary Ellen agrees.

“Our boys are very interested in learning new things and they are very self-driven, so this is a great environment for them to just kind of seek out the information they want, and having a lot of tools in front of them in order to accomplish that,” Mary Ellen said.