An essential part of Elon student life is deciding on a meal plan that will sustain the student for the school year ahead.

Through Elon's various options, students are bound to find one that best fits their schedule, budget and appetite. Meal plans vary providing students access to dining halls, retail locations and a few other perks.

Every freshman is required to at least have the All Access Basic meal plan. This meal plan provides students with unlimited access into all of the dining halls on campus, such as Lakeside or Colonnades — also known as Nades — dining halls. It also includes $150 annual meal dollars that are divided among fall, Winter Term and spring semester. Meal dollars can be used at the various retail locations on campus, some exclusions apply. Another perk of this meal plan is having 10 free guest meals. 

If a family member or friend comes to visit, students can use a swipe from their guest meals to also grant them entry into the dining hall. They can also be used at retail locations. If a student runs out of meal dollars for the semester, then a guest swipe can be used at all of the retail locations on campus. 

The other two All Access meal plans are All Access + 7 and All Access + 14. These meals plans also provide unlimited visits to all the dining halls. But, these give you the option of having “plus seven” or “plus 14” swipes. The purpose of these swipes is to be able to go to retail locations and buy a meal by telling the cashier that “plus seven” is essentially the form of payment. Students can visit these retail locations either seven or 14 times in a week, depending on the meal plan. The swipes reload every Tuesday night at 12 a.m. for students to once again be able to visit retail locations, such as Biscuitville, Topio’s, Qdoba and more. Guest meals are also available on these meal plans, All Access + 7 having 20, and All Access + 14 having 30. 

There are two other options for meal plans that are typically designated for upperclassmen and they are 200 and 300 Block. The 200 Block plan allows students to have $500 in annual meal dollars divided between fall, winter and spring semesters. They also have 200 meals, 100 per semester, to visit the dining halls. The 300 Block plan includes $400 in annual meal dollars and 300 meals per year. 

All of these meal plans are available for Elon students to choose from. They all have their own advantages, but they grant students access to have a variety of food options.