The Elon Bubble - An invisible barrier encapsulating Elon University which separates students from the surrounding community

Nades - An abbreviation of Colonnades; it may refer to the dining hall, residence halls or the entire neighborhood

D-Nades - The downstairs area of Colonnades Dining Hall where Boar’s Head is located 

The Boobs - Two, small and unprovocative hills of grass in Young Commons, in front of Moseley Student Center

KOBC - An acronym for the Koury Business Center, home of business classes and unofficial home of business students

College Coffee - A weekly Tuesday event bringing together faculty and sleepy students for coffee and donuts

The Great Hall - The large room reminiscent of Hogwarts housed in Global Commons 

The "Harry Potter" room - Formally known as the Inman Reading Room, this room in Lindner Hall features high-back chairs and dim lighting and is always deathly quiet — reminiscent of the restricted section of the library at Hogwarts

SURF Day - An annual day of snazzy outfits and presentations

First Night - The university-funded dance party that takes place the night of move-in day 

First Year - A nicer name for a freshman

OL - An orientation leader, the first year's best friend for the first week or two of college life 

RA - A resident advisor, the friendly face on your hall, there to help with everything from homesickness to roommate conflicts

O-Team - The orientation team composed of students sacrificing their time, feet and sweat to help families on move-in day 

Under the Oaks - The picturesque, shaded quad between West hall and the School of Communications

Pendy - Your go-to newspaper, The Pendulum