Elon University is continuing to grow its campus with the expansion of the Love School of Business and the Schar Center.

Its latest expansion effort can be seen with the construction of a new parking lot adjacent to the McMichael Building. The parking lot is set to have 165 parking spaces available for faculty, staff and visitors, according to Dan Anderson, vice president of University Communications. It will replace some existing parking spaces between the Colonnades Neighborhood and McMichael. The spaces being eliminated will be used for Sankey Hall. The construction of the parking lot is set to be complete by the end of the 2017 spring semester, which is when Sankey Hall will begin to be built.

“For this new parking lot, there is no access off of Haggard Avenue,” Anderson said. You will come around McMichael and come into that lot.”Anderson said the new lot will not be readily accessible for Elon Elementary School parents. Instead, the lot is meant for university parking with parking permits.”

Elon Elementary Principal Jack Davern said students enjoy watching as the development progresses. The expansion of the parking lot is only separated by one street, but it is directly next to the elementary school. When the construction first began, there was a lot of wonder from the students.

“The impact it has on us started with curiosity,” Davern said. “Everyone was asking what it was going to be. We soon found out it was a parking lot.”

During recess, the kids go outside and watch as construction workers get the parking lot finished.

“The kids at recess were fascinated,” Davern said. “They watched those tractors, rollers and trucks clear and level the area. They watch every day. They can’t wait to see the final product.”

The playground is enclosed by a fence to keep the students from getting too close to the construction site. Teachers also supervise kids to keep them safe.

Though there may be some concerns among parents about their ability to easily access the school, Davern Davern sees no immediate drawbacks from the construction.

“I have not thought much about the lot and implications or impact on our school campus when it does open,” Davern said. “We will cross that bridge when we get there. In the meantime, the kids will continue to watch the work being done.”