Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross held a brief rally this morning at Elon University's McKinnon Hall. Speaking to 30 students about the state of the race, she urged her supporters to flock to the polls and put her over the edge against Republican Sen. Richard Burr. 

"We are now the race that could tip the United States Senate from Republican to Democrat," she said.

Several polls have Ross within the margin of error against Burr. A Ross victory could give the Democrats a slight majority in the U.S. Senate. She consistently reminded attendees about the issues at stake in the election and said a single vote could decide the outcome.

"We're going to be up very, very late tonight, not just for the presidential race but my race, the governor's race," Ross said.

In an interview with Elon News Network after the rally, Ross said she would address issues of college affordability if she were elected. She is optimistic she will win.

"I feel like we're going to pull it out," she said. "There has been so much energy all over North Carolina. Everywhere we go, people are being very, very supportive."

If elected, she said she would work with Republicans and represent those who didn't vote for her. Ross will be joining Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper tonight in Raleigh to watch the results unfold. 

Starting at 8 p.m., ENN will offer a live stream of its election show on Facebook for the Elon community. A comprehensive Election Day guide is available here.