An evening of music, focusing on a variety of classical genres including opera, oratorio and musical theater, by baritone singer Cory Schtanz and pianist Brian Osborn, will help expose audiences to a different type of classical music at a vocal recital, Sept. 27 at 7:30 p.m. in Whitley Auditorium.

The show goes from 19th century romantic music to more modern arts songs with a group called Songs for Modern Experience and then to 20th century musical theater.

“This is a program that a lot of classical singers give because there’s a lot of songs and the type of songs he sings are known as art songs,” said Associate Professor of Music Hallie Hogan. “It’s a lot of text painting, there’s a lot of music that really evokes the meaning of the text."

Schantz will perform a selection of art songs — music that’s intended not to be amplified — music set to poetry, an aria from Don Giovanni and songs from the musical Man of La Mancha, having “a little bit of everything” in terms of a traditional classical concert, according to Hogan.

Schantz teaches music at Reinhardt University in Georgia, but met Hogan at their alma mater, Austin Pea State University, when they participated in a fundraiser for the music department's scholarships. 

From there, he reached out to Hogan to participate in a “recital exchange,” where he invited her to sing at Reinhardt in February and for him perform a concert at Elon and partake in a masterclass for a musical exchange.

“I think that students will hear a variety of music that they're not accustomed to,” Hogan said. “So, you’re going to get an opportunity to experience some new different music and you’re also going to have the opportunity to hear a really wonderful singer and pianist.”

The following day, music students will have the opportunity to attend a masterclass with Schantz, performing for him and getting feedback and advice about classical music techniques. At the concert, Hogan said audiences can expect to hear beautiful songs in a “really satisfying musical experience.”

I encourage everyone in the community to come and hear Cory, and Brian as well is a fabulous pianist, and I think it will be a truly enjoyable experience for everyone,” Hogan said. “I just hope as many people as possible can attend and that will inspire them to come to more events sponsored by the music department, because we have all kinds of wonderful things going on over here.”