Packing for college is rough, especially entering freshman year. There are so many little things you need, from bedding to school supplies to an emergency stash of snacks for late nights. Personally, my Chevy suburban was filled to the brim, and I went out to buy even more essentials before I squeezed into my room in Danieley (Danieley N, 104E, to be exact).

Though you may already have your necessities, here’s a list of the top five, last-minute items you’ll probably need in your dorm room. Everything can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so it’s one-stop shopping to a killer year.

1. Vacuum. Something that may not seem completely necessary, but totally is, is a good vacuum. No matter how clean you are, floors get nasty, sticky and covered in crumbs. Plus, having one will make you the go-to for those who don’t, which means automatic friends.

2. Pull-out storage. If you’re in a dorm without a closet like I was (tragic, I know), you’re definitely going to need extra storage. I recommend getting pull-out drawers that can slide under your bed for easy access to T-shirts, snacks and random supplies.

3. Fuzzy blanket. Dorm rooms get cold. Like, really cold. And you probably won’t have control of the A/C. To make the nights more bearable, get at least one (or two) cozy blankets. I have contemplated bringing one to class many times.

4. Mattress pad. No matter what they tell you, college furniture is not comfortable, especially those mattresses. Who knows how long they’ve been there or who’s been on them (ew)? To support comfort and lasting sleep (not to mention your health), get a memory foam mattress pad to put over the old bed. 

5. Shower caddy. When going to and from the bathroom, it is essential to carry all your soaps and hair products in a waterproof shower caddy. You could leave all your toiletries in the bathroom, but people will steal your stuff. Believe me. I don’t care if they said they didn’t, they’re lying, and now you’re missing half your bottle of shampoo.