SGA unanimously passed a resolution against the controversial House Bill 2 at its meeting Thursday night.

All 30 members of the Senate who were present approved the resolution.

"I thought it would pass, but I wasn't expecting unanimous," SGA President and junior Kyle Porro said. "I was expecting a little bit of pushback. ...

"I wouldn't say the student body is unanimous. But in terms of the majority of who (the senators) represent, they each were for it. That's kind of why it was a unanimous vote."


The resolution, authored by Junior Class Vice President Morgan Bodenarain, condemns HB2, otherwise known as the bathroom bill, which was signed into law March 23 by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. Among many things, HB2 requires transgender people to use the bathrooms of gender on their birth certificate.

The resolution calls HB2 a "highly discriminatory piece of legislation," while decrying "the blatant disregard and denial of basic human rights."

The resolution will be sent to Elon University's senior staff and to SGAs at other North Carolina colleges and universities.

Added to the original draft was an article noting that SGA recognizes that members of the Elon community and those visiting it can be subject to discrimination as a result of HB2.

There was very little disagreement among the Senate, with much of the discussion revolving around terminology of the resolution.

In a straw poll before formal discussion began, 27 of 28 SGA senators who participated were in favor of the resolution.

Bodenarain said she was "scared" coming in, not knowing how the resolution would be received, but was happy with the outcome.

"This is substantial because no other student government has gone to this extent to show they care," Bodenarain said. "It shows Elon is different."

Said sophomore Carlos Andino, competition senator and sponsor of the resolution, "I'm ecstatic about how cooperative this whole process went."

A handful of students and student organization leaders were present for the meeting and voiced opinions prior to the Senate vote.

During open forum, Interfraternity Council President and senior Michael Goldstein said a majority of fraternities expressed their agreement with SGA's resolution during a meeting of the IFC Executive Council on Wednesday.

"I find this bill disheartening and sick," Goldstein said.

Spectrum President Monique Swirsky in open forum called the passing of the resolution "a great step forward for the university."

Reporting by Tommy Hamzik. Emmanuel Morgan and Michelle Alfini also contributed to this report.