Town of Elon Police executed a search warrant this afternoon at 309 W. Trollinger Ave. after uncovering possession of marijuana during a routine 8 a.m. town ordinance party trash search.

"Every morning, officers come out and look for the town ordinance violations, [including] excessive trash in the yards and they address it by 8 in the morning," said Patrol Lt. Jim Giannotti.  

After noticing excessive trash on the West Trollinger house's front lawn, an officer approached one of the students in the home and discovered drug paraphernalia on the coffee table. According to Giannotti, the student told the officer he would need to get a search warrant before entering the house.

"The important part was it was a minor violation that turned into having to do a search warrant for minor drug violations," Giannotti said.

While Giannotti could not confirm the identities of the individuals inside the house at the time of the search warrant execution, he said there were students inside. He added no individuals would be arrested at this time. 

Giannotti said additional details regarding the incident should be made available Monday in a police report filing.